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8 Unique Wedding Venues in Asia To Celebrate Your Romance

Aureum Palace Resort, Ngapali, Thandwe, Myanmar 

Nestled in the backdrop of the magnificent Indian Ocean, Aureum Palace Resort, Ngapali, glitters in an idyllic romantic setting at Ngapali Beach that draws inspiration from charming Italian Mediterranean city of Naples. Located just 7 km from picturesque Thandwe airport, the resort offers a romantic hideaway amid luxury and opulence.

The Romantic Setting
An astute blend of the splendid beauty of the sea with imposing hill side, the ambiance at Aureum Palace Resort, Ngapali, exudes a romantic appeal. The unspoiled sea beach dotted with isolated sandy stretches and secluded coves incite an urge to relish in intimate marital bliss.

The Ultimate Luxury
The beachfront Executive Cottage of Aureum Palace Resort, Ngapali, decorated in Oriental elegance and with private pool is the ultimate symbol of lavishness and relaxation. The exclusive comfort and privacy of Ocean View Cottages ensnare to delight in exquisite beach lifestyle.

Sea, Sun and Sand
Pristine beaches dotting the azure sea and the modest sun invite couples for an intimate vacation at Aureum Palace Resort, Ngapali. Enjoy water sports, frolic in the awe of the fading sun and bristle at the temperate breeze at this unspoiled hideaway.

Tirtha Bridal, Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Perched on a hilltop offering awe-inspiring view of the surrounding, Tirtha Bridal, Badung, Bali, is the ultimate fantasy for an exotic wedding. Flamboyantly designed with visionary creativity and architectural wonders, the one-stop wedding resort is an intimate haven to celebrate love and unison.

Thrill of Water Wedding
Tirtha Uluwatu, with startling water features and a spectacular Balinese garden, exudes a sense of magical splendour emanating from a distinctive aura of water wedding. Take the vow of love and life on the green stone altar floating in the infinite pool and experience a surreal wedding at Tirtha Bridal, Badung, Bali.

Shrill of Lavish Grandeur
Mesmerizing beauty of Tirtha Luhur, an exotic villa spread over 3,000 sqm, imbibes your dream wedding with luxury and lavishness. The amazing glass chapel, incredible dining locations and joyous ceremonies attended by costumed flower girls reminds a fairytale wedding at Tirtha Bridal, Badung, Bali.  

Live in Magical Moments
Indulge in magical bliss with soothing breeze and cuddling waves splashing a seductive ambience and overjoyed twinkling sky inciting intimacy. Retire to your honeymoon suite to snuggle in romance and prolong your love.

Pan Pacific Bali, Tanah Lot, Bali

Set atop an imposing cliff amid beautiful terrace gardens off the majestic coastline, Pan Pacific Bali Resort, Tanah Lot, is a heavenly abode to enter the marital bliss. The panoramic ocean vista in the evening coupled with rolling tropical green and cozy indoor settings enliven senses and let you experience wedding exhilaration at its best.

Savor the Sublime
The awe-inspiring Indian Ocean and magnificent sunset over Tanah Lot on the backdrop, the exquisite setting blends perfectly with immaculate warmth of Balinese hospitality to make your special day an affair to be cherished for life and bustle in romantic excitement of Pan Pacific Bali Resort, Tanah Lot.

Oasis of Luxury
Lose yourself in pure comfort and romantic relaxation at the five-star Pan Pacific Bali Resort. Rich timber furnishings embodying the refreshing Pacific Touch inspire to exult in intimacy. Unwind in the master bed and relish in your marital moments enjoying the soothing lull of the sea.

Ultimate Privacy
Secluded villas with inviting plunge pool and private dining area allow the ultimate privilege of privacy love-struck couples cherish. Closet watching the sunset or bath in gentle breezes under the glittering evening sky at your private gazebo at Pan Pacific Bali Resort

Four Seasons Tented Camp, Chiang Rai, Thailand

An intricate blend of primitive lust of nature with contemporary opulence Chiang Rai Four Seasons Tented Camp deep in exotic bamboo jungles invites to wed in a distinct romantic spirit. A 90-minute jeep ride from Chiang Rai through spectacular forest trails, the camp hosts truly intimate weddings themed in an explorers’ party.

Embrace the Allure
Wedding in exciting forest surrounding keeps couples engrossed in a spirit of desire and intimacy. Elephants lending their part in marriage, spectacular bamboo and paper lanterns symbolizing heavenly connection, open-air venues and Thai customs tailor-made to your taste promise a one-of-its-kind setting offered at Chiang Rai Four 
Seasons Tented Camp.

Discrete Romantic Spirit
With seductive nature evoking sensual feeling, marital bliss turns into passionate love at this forest resort. Tented suits pitched amid blooming orchid trees and with guarded privacy, bamboo furnishings, spring showers and natural spa recreate the magic of a sensuous ambiance.

The Natural Splendor
Located in the famed Golden Triangle forest, the Chiang Rai Four Seasons Tented Camp surrounded with thick forest, hilltop gazebos and serene riverside presents a quintessential honeymoon interspersing romance with adventure.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore

A modern marvel, Marina Bay Sands Skypark is among the most famous landmark dotting the skyline of Singapore. With its architectural splendor and awe-inspiring pool, the spectacular resort offers lovebirds tying the knot once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Romance on the Sky
Wedding at the rooftop garden landscaped with tropical trees and offering an enchanting view of the city sky scrapper at 200 meters above the bay is an exquisite dream. Cocktail parties dedicated to newlyweds at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands Skypark thrill the celebration with a sense of grandeur and glamour.

Awesome Infinite Pool
Span atop three hotel towers above 55-storys, the infinite pool of Singapore Marina Bay Sands Skypark is famous for its awe-inspiring vanishing edge and startling view of the sunset. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the illuminated city at night and the surrounding sea.

Flamboyance of Fantasy
Dotted with captivating art installation, each of 250 luxury suites at Singapore Marina Bay Sands Skypark epitomizes lavish lifestyle. Decorated with shopping malls, waterways, floating Crystal Pavilions, casino, museum and theatres, the resort is the most splendid example of human creativity.

Heritance Tea Factory, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Mesmerizing sea of green swathe and unruffled vibes around make Nuwara Eliya Heritance Tea Factory is an impeccable venue for fairy-tale weddings. Standing tall on a hillock surrounded by an exotic tea garden, the heritage building intrigues couples with its history and romantic setting.

Paradise of Love
Savor the sense of romance the tranquil tea garden emits at every sight and bask in the lap of comfort the lavish Flowerdew suite offers. The secluded ambiance at Nuwara Eliya Heritance Tea Factory loaded with privacy and sensuous feel inspires intimacy and evokes closeness.

Traverse in History
Built in 1930, the Nuwara Eliya Heritance Tea Factory factory-turned-resort continues to showcase the reminiscent of colonial opulence. The interiors and facades are bestowed with original wood furnishings and paintings radiating the old brilliance. Dine at the unique rail carriage restaurant in the company of your beloved.

Exquisite Setting
Gorgeous hilltop setting promising spectacular natural scenery, nature walks and fantastic view of sunset makes your stay truly cherished. The mist-covered hills and surrounding lush organic plantations create a dramatic sight in the morning that inculcates a magical charm.

Halong Bay Cruise, Vietnam

Halong Bay, with its fascinating topography, promises a picture perfect and wonderful backdrop to host cruise weddings in style. The majestic natural scenery gleaming in the sheer brilliance of 1,600 islets and sapphire waters provides the ultimate romantic setting for stepping into marital bliss.

Ecstasy of Ocean Wedding
Wedding on a decorated cruise traversing through the soothing lull of the Halong Bay and competing with cuddling waves infuses a romantic charm. Spectacular seascape with its picturesque granite hillocks and limestone pillars crafted by tide and wind over generations complement your wish for a scenic wedding and honeymoon.

Enjoy Fun and Frolic
Let your love blossom under the blue sky and flourish on the turquoise waters amid natural wonders dotting the Halong Bay. Explore beguiling karst caves and landforms bewitched with mythology and history. Scenic beaches on secluded islets tempt to cajole your beloved into love and affection.

Luxury of Abode
Lavish preparations aboard cruises enhance the quintessential charm of ocean wedding. Exotic cuisines, cosy honeymoon suites and breathtaking view of sun set from the Halong Bay make your wedding day truly enjoyable.

Aureum Palace Resort, Bagan, Myanmar

Reminiscent of a historical city of the yore, the Bagan Aureum Palace Resort is spread over 27 acres within the Bagan Archaeological Preservation Zone. A 30-minute car ride from Mandalay  the expansive resort, glittering in an idyllic setting dominated by ancient temples, historical threads and landscaped gardens, offers a unique wedding experience to relish.

The Regal Ambiance
The Bagan Aureum Palace Resort exudes a regal ambiance drawing the inspiration from nearby temples built by the Bagan Kings 1,000 years ago. Blending historical charm well with romantic essence lapped in luxury, each of the villas adorned with antiques, artifacts and local arts inspires guests with an extravagant taste and finish.

The Ultimate Luxury
Elegant and spacious honeymoon suites exemplifying Oriental lavishness boast five-star amenities. Private terraces offering al-fresco dining, private plunge pools and Jacuzzis invite couples to descend into intimate moments at their will.  

The Exotic Experience
Designed like an ancient temple and resonating with natural elements, the luxury spa allows a soothing relief from stress. Couples can choose from special traditional temple dinner, pool side dinner, cocktail reception, or theme dinners to celebrate their marriage in pomp and splendor at Bagan Aureum Palace Resort.


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