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5 Unique Overwater Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Looking for a romantic getaway? You are getting married soon and planning a honeymoon surprise for your newlywed. Here are some of the leading honeymoon destinations in Asia that you would want to visit again and again.

A destination with azure waters underneath, the perfect sky smiling up and a vast expanse of serene surrounding offering a perfect sojourn for intimate moments is the dream of every couple stepping into their marital bliss. Here are five unique overwater honeymoon suites in Asia where honeymooners exult in the feel of pleasant winds, snuggle listening to the sound of splashing waves and enjoy their private moments cajoling and cuddling in love.

KC Resort & Overwater Villas, Koh Samui, Thailand

KC Resort & Overwater Honeymoon Villas, Koh Samui, Thailand
A paradise of the famed Thai hospitality, 16 enchanting overwater honeymoon villas are among the world’s best known romantic hideaways. Set on a pristine beach overlooking the crystal waters of Gulf of Thailand, Bora Bora style overwater honeymoon suites epitomize passionate relaxation and indulgence.
  • Romantic Appeal
Luxury beckons with lush nature and elements enticing intimacy arouses a profound feeling of togetherness at these exclusive honeymoon suites. Spread over 60sq.m at the edge of a private infinity-edge pool, each villa offers a mesmerising view of the Chaweng Bay. Glass floor panels showcase the splashing turquoise ocean waters underneath while breeze coming from the beautiful aquamarine sea soothes the soul. 
  • Breathe in Luxury
Cosy interiors are decorated with modern amenities, light therapy Jacuzzi and rain shower for couples. Exclusive spa baths create incites intimacy while private pools with sea view spell a magical charm of a seductive ambience. Indulge in aqua aerobics and yoga or just relax in the big infinity pool in the arms of your beloved. The Panorama Bar on the roof top is the place to sip exotic cocktails.
  • Beyond Honeymoon
The unruffled Koh Samui beach is the place for couples to cuddle in private sun loungers or indulge in water sports. A sightseeing visit leads to an exploration of the pristine shoreline dotted with glittering beaches, butterfly garden, Lamai Rocks, Ban Lipa Yai fruit village, Namtok Na Mueang and Namtok Hin Lat waterfalls.

4 Rivers Floating Lodges, Koh Kong, Cambodia

4 Rivers Floating Honeymoon Lodges, Koh Kong, Cambodia
4 Rivers Floating Lodge with its tempting total seclusion and exciting assurance for intimate love-locked moments draw couples for a romantic sojourn. Ecologically designed four honeymoon suites float along with eight double-bed villas on the sapphire waters of Tatai River and through an unspoilt virgin forest offer unrivalled privacy, luxury and exclusivity.
  • Ultimate Hideaway
Overwater honeymoon villas tastefully furnished exudes an intimate feel. Salas with alfresco shade, sun decks and wooden Hinoki bath tubs provoke to infuse a sense of intimate bonding while relishing with moderate winds and enthralling sight of the Cardamom Mountains. Cocooned in the comfort of grandiose honeymoon suites, the resort intrigues couples with a mesmerizing memory of the ultimate hideaway.
  •  Exotic Experience
Traversing through shining beauty of tropical forest, the riverine honeymoon suites permeate a sense of absolute seduction through complete privacy amid natural wonders and warmth of tropical sun. The serendipity of unspoilt land, eye-catching view of land and calm waters induce a feel to bind in closeness. Make you honeymoon special with a candle light dinner at the private extra-large sun-lounger.
  • Beyond Honeymoon
Visit Tatai Waterfalls and explore mesmerising river creatures. The coastal mangrove full of exotic flora and fauna is another big attraction. Adventure lovers can go for kayaking, trekking, jungle trails, fishing, sunset cruises and swimming while having fun time at the tropical paradise.

Song Saa Private Island, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Song Saa Private Island Honeymoon, Cambodia
Stunning private beaches, incredible sunset view and amazing tropical reefs make Song Saa Private Island live up to its name in Khmer dialect “the sweethearts”. A 30-minute boat ride from Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s first private island resort is an enchanting world where luxury and natural elements meet to promise a distinct intimate honeymoon.
  • Seductive Warmth
Set in a secluded, tranquil surrounding, the island resort is a paradise to celebrate love and intimacy. Located in the middle of the sea and amazingly, its 10 overwater honeymoon suites bustle in a seductive setting of their own. Decorated in rich Cambodian tradition offering total seclusion, private pools and 180 degree sunset view, these havens of luxury entice couples to rejoice in intimacy and cajole in luxury.
  • Exclusive Pleasure
The boardwalk invites couples to romance in spectacular sunsets and twinkling nights. A candlelight dinner at resort’s restaurant and lounge, set off the shoreline with a gasping view of seascape, adds exciting moments to your honeymoon. Enjoy the idyllic pleasure of being concealed with your beloved in forests and groves dotting the soothing shoreline.

  • Beyond Honeymoon
Relaxing spa in discreet rainforests, exclusive boutique stores and the infinity pool inspire to breathe and rejuvenate in the company of each other at this paradise of luxury indulgence. A sense of belongings inculcated through catamaran cruises, snorkelling in the shallow waters, visit to tropical reefs and frolicking on unspoiled beaches epitomize a dream honeymoon.

Bambu Indah (Udang House), Bali, Indonesia

Bambu Indah Honeymoon House, Bali, Indonesia
An extraordinary boutique hotel, the eco-chic retreat located in a garden near Ubud of Bali Island provides an altogether different honeymoon experience. Complete with modern comfort and ultimate privacy, wooden honeymoon suites built in antique Javanese traditions exude an aura of intimate togetherness.
  • A World of Its Own
Originally built by a nobleman to stay with his newly married wife, the teak wood honeymoon suite fascinates couples with a seductive charm of yore. The bamboo honeymoon suite designed as a floating house creates a tingling sense of intimacy. The sight of swimming shrimps across glittering blue waters below the glass panels of the suite radiates a magical, heartfelt charm.
  • Authentic Charm of Bali
Modern high-tech comforts, Wi-Fi, bars, air conditioning and swimming pool magnify the captivating aura of honeymoon suites built over a century ago. The natural surrounding exalted with organic gardens, scenic land, river and mountain views keep couples deeply engrossed in enjoyment of marital bliss. Resort swimming pool designed like a flowing river tempts couples to have fun and frolic.

Bambu Indah Honeymoon House, Bali, Indonesia
  • Beyond Honeymoon
Explore the rich heritage of Bali. Ubud is set in the proximity of historical and natural sites. Embark on a tour of Green Villages and be part of the local festivities and village life. A trek to Mount Batur peaks and rafting on the Ayung River are preserved for couples fascinated by adventure sports.

Myanmar Treasure Resort, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Myanmar Treasure Honeymoon Resort, Inle Lake, Myanmar
Surrounded by the thrilling ecosystem of the Inle Lake at 875 meter above the sea, the resort enshrines an intimate and heartfelt experience for honeymoon couples. Diverse ecology coupled with exotic overwater honeymoon suites, hanging gardens, mesmerizing environment allures couples to taste the grand hospitality at the unique retreat.
  • A Different World
Away from medley tourist trails, teak wood honeymoon villas perched above the lake waters tempt couples to seep into intimate feeling. Besotted the local traditions developed over generations, overwater honeymoon suites are endowed with generous amenities radiating luxury and cherished privacy. Private balcony on the honeymoon villa provides an inspiring lake side leisure to feel in the company of your love.
  • Enjoy the Isolation
Seclusion at the retreat assures complete privacy and inflames closeness. Desolate boat rides on the lake through beautiful natural surrounding stir up passion and whip up marital bliss. The magnificent sunset across stunning lake gardens and floating farms excites couples to get love locked and bedazzle in the thick of lonely golden dusk.
  • Beyond Your Honeymoon
Visit the local Mine Thauk Market known for its natural produces. Explore the scenic villages¸ Phaw Khone village of weavers, gold and silver handicrafts at Ywa-ma and historical ruins of former royal capital at Sagar.


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