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The Joy of Giving

poverty in India
They do not have anything, but only the WILL to study! 

Today, I will introduce you to my hidden side - my life purpose.
Everyone lives and cares for their own children. But if you can step outside and do something for humanity, there is no match. This has become the ultimate mission and life goal for me and hubby dear.
Our efforts may seem trivial, but I am glad God has chosen us for this.
The journey we have taken is not bereft of roadblocks and family pressure. But where there is a will, there is a way! If you believe you are the chosen one to tread the path, hurdles would disappear. Who knows those opposing us now may be willing to join us then.
Yes, life is short and there is so much to do still!
We are working with some bright yet deprived students, who are children of laborers, rickshaw pullers, maid servants, guards, among others. Of course, I do not have many pictures to show here.
Additionally, we plan to work with the elderly and deprived who have been thrown out of their homes by their kids. The sight of orphans always troubles me.
There isn't anything better than giving back to the community.
Ajay - a bright student from a poor background

Ajay received solar lamps - contributed by Anushkha O.

Poverty can be a big burden. It does not differentiate between elders and kids. Everyone is alike when YOU ARE POOR.
This is exactly what we witnessed today in a village school in the interiors of Punjab. Our visit to the school showed us the real face of poor children, who are willing to study but they do not have the resources to make their destiny. 

Take for example a girl student of class 12th - a motherless girl with a handicapped father and a 10-year-old brother. This girl is a brilliant student, who looks after her ailing father and younger sibling but lacks BASIC RESOURCES required for a living. With a disabled father, it gets harder to earn a living. She gets up at 5 am, prepares breakfast for her father and brother and leaves home for school. 

The girl wants to continue her education but her circumstances are against her wish! Alas!

There is another 10th class boy, whose parents work as daily wage laborers in a brick kiln, earning a meager 30,000 rupees ANNUALLY. They do not have shelter and the boy, who is excellent in studies, reads under the light of a torch/ candle. 

It indeed is a great feeling to do something for such kids who are interested to study, but are hapless due to their life's circumstances. There are several such kids who need help from people like us. A little effort on our part can go a long way in helping these children realize their dreams.

We have shortlisted a few students. All of them are very talented with scores above 75%. But their background has become a threat to their talent. From the poorest of the poor section, many of these even do not have houses. Many are orphans and work part time to earn a living. They don’t have books, shoes or money to pay even 70 rupees monthly school fee. 

Still they are fighting against all odds to attend school and score good marks. 

We contributed books, clothes, shoes, stationery, and study materials to give them some form of encouragement to stay focused on their studies. 

Anyone willing to join us in helping/ sponsoring them or similar children is welcome. You can pay school fees of just 70 rupees a month or send study materials to them.

Help for deserving kids will offer them the support to realize their dreams! Are you willing to offer a helping hand? If so, please connect today!

There isn't anything better than giving back to the community. 


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