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Whole Grain Ragi Cookies With Almonds (Nachini Cookies)

ragi cookies Baking with whole grains is easy. Whether you are looking for ragi cookies or nachini cookies, you will find it all here. After a successful attempt at baking badam atta cookies, I have given ragi (finger millet) a try. Here I have come up with ragi badaam (almond) cookies. An extremely nutritious grain, ragi is rich in proteins & minerals. The antioxidant-rich finger millet flour helps boost body vigor and keeps you young :) You may replace sugar and make ragi cookies with jaggery. This ragi cookie without butter recipe is surely going to please your body, mind, and soul, for the health benefits of nachini or ragi are explicit and the ragi biscuits taste yummy. The distinct flavor of ragi is certainly going to be addictive. I am already addicted to ragi, for its color, scent, and taste reminds of the quintessential muddy smell of the earth. Ingredients 1/2 cup- wheat flour 1/2 cup- ragi flour (you may dry roast it) 1/4 cup - suji (semolin

Eggless Dates Cake With Whole Wheat, Carrot

An eggless wheat cake with dates makes a healthier bake. Isn't it? I always try to bake healthy. Perhaps you, too, are looking for a healthy eggless cake, which is ready in a jiffy and is no fuss. Well, this eggless dates cake may fit in. Sumptuous and healthy, the carrot cake uses whole grains. atta cake with dates Dates is a good source of dietary fiber and makes an excellent alternative to sugar. If you are trying to bake a healthy cake, then better to skip sugar and add dates instead. Secondly, the cake with dates uses carrot. It's a good idea to include this winter vegetable in your bakes, for it can add color and taste to the recipe. Coconut adds a layer of flavor to this healthy cake with carrot and dates. On top of it, this moist cake uses no maida or white flour, which only adds empty calories to your body, without any additional benefit. So why would you want to add it to your recipes? Not me at least! Never! eggless dates cake

10-Minute Besani Paneer Recipe

besani paneer Paneer recipes are royal! Indians love cottage chese recipes, isn't it? Paneer or cottage cheese is such a versatile ingredient that it can be put to umpteen food experiments. Paneer Make a dessert with paneer, from rasogollah to ice cream. Add it to curries to thicken them. Make stir fries with this high calorie dairy product. Add it to rice to make veg biryani From shahi paneer to butter paneer, from paneer kurma to kadahi paneer, from paneer badami to besan paneer, from paneer kofta to paneer pakoda, cottage cheese recipes are everywhere on the Indian platter! This besani paneer recipe comes from Anita Chahal aunty ji. I have recently met her in Facebook. She seems to have become an inspiration for many young girls like me. Young at heart, Anita ji is a super talented woman. Recently, she shared a besani paneer recipe, which inspired me to try it once. Made the besani paneer recipe with some modifications to Anita aunty ji'

Papaya-Potato Curry

papaya curry Papaya is one of my favorite fruits. In Punjab, we eat it primarily as a fruit. Rarely do we use it as a vegetable. My mom often makes raw papaya parantha, which tastes yum. Since papaya is full of health, with its antioxidant content, I decided to use it for a vegetable curry. Ingredients 1/2 papaya 2 potatoes 2-3 onions 7-8 garlic cloves 1 small ginger piece 1 Tomato 1 green chilly 1 tbsp oil 1 tbsp wheat flour 3 tbsp milk garam masala 1 bay leaf salt, turmeric, water fresh coriander leaves papaya potato curry Process Cut papaya into small pieces. Boil with two whistles. Keep aside Cut potatoes into equal size. Set aside. Grind onions, ginger, garlic, chilly, and tomato into fine paste. You may grind or puree tomato separately. Heat oil. Drop a bay leaf. Then add the ground onion masala. Stir fry. Let the masala fry. You may add little water to speed up the frying process. I do this often. When the raw smell of mas

Why To Invest in South Africa: An Analysis of Investment Advantages, Prospects

South Africa: Africa’s Second Biggest Economy South Africa Investment Opportunities (Image source: National Empowerment Fund) The end of the apartheid era in 1994 brought many changes to South Africa and this too has been reflected on the economic front. Despite struggling for the early years, the rainbow nation made a significant leap forward in restoring order to an economy battered by years of international sanctions and domestic violence. Within two decades of national reconciliation and economic reconstruction, South Africa has turned to become Africa’s second largest economy and the most favored investment destination. A soon as the first African National Congress (ANC) government was sworn in 1994, efforts to restore order to the economy shattered by sanctions began earnestly. Fiscal discipline and determined efforts help increase the economic capacity of people and build a strong edifice for eliciting growth. In 2000, the then President Thabo Mbeki took bold initiat