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How To MAKE Bajra Roti Soft at Home for Weight Loss (Youtube video)

If you are on a gluten-free diet and want to add ways to use pearl millet in your weight loss dietary regime, then bajra roti recipe can come in handy. Now you might be wondering how to make bajra roti chapati without flour.How to make soft bajra chapati with whole bajra?  Bajra benefits health in more ways than one. It is a staple in Rajasthan. If you are on a weight loss diet, then pearl millet is a powerful ingredient to include in your diet. Bajra has functional properties Pearl millet has a low glycemic index  It is a good low GI option for diabetics and weight control The gluten-free pearl millet is rich in dietary fiber. It has a similar lipid content as corn. Bajra is packed with protein and essential amino acids It is easy to ferment and turn into sprouted bajra atta, which is sweeter, more fiber-rich, and has a better nutritional profile. There are different ways to enjoy the benefits of pearl millet, which is an ancient grain and also known as superf