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Healthy Diwali Snacks Recipe [Serve Your Guests With A Methi Atta Oats Marori Baked in Airfryer]

The festival season is already here and we want to indulge in Diwali savories and sweets, right? but why indulge in guilty eating of unhealthy snacks when homemade is healthy and can be made even healthier with the choice of ingredients. exclude maida or refined ingredients and say hello to wholesome foods that pack a powerful punch of nutrients, for example, this oats atta mathri recipe.  We all want to indulge in Diwali snacks and savories but in a healthy avatar.  Let's make a healthy methi twister recipe, which is crispy and flaky. For this healthy recipe to make whole wheat mathri recipe, you need: Ingredients 1 cup= 240 ml Serves= 18 twisters 3/ 4 cup- whole wheat flour 1/4 cup- oats flour 1 tsp- salt 1 tbsp- kasuri methi 4tbsp- ghee 1/4 cup water 2 tbsp besan/chickpea flour 1 tsp ajwain (carom seeds) How to make Healthy Indian Snack Mathri in Airfryer for Diwali  Start with mixing 2 tbsp ghee with 1 tbsp besan . Whip with hands

Eggplant Shakshuka Recipe in Tomato Sauce [Vegan Baked Saksuka in Airfryer]

 A collection of delicious air fryer eggplant Indian recipes! This one is air fryer baba ganoush recipe! You are always looking to include antioxidants in your healthy diet. But little do you know that an eggplant packs a powerful antioxidant punch. did you know this fact? If so, post in comments. If you are on a healthy mission, then your diet is incomplete without an eggplant. A rich source of Vitamin K, an eggplant can save you from several diseases and protect you against oxidation or free radical damage.  Besides, it is low in calories and has a high moisture content, which makes it a potent weapon against various diseases, such as cancer. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has anti-asthmatic properties too. You should make eggplant an integral part of your diet if you suffer from frequent burns, gastritis, arthritis, warts, and inflammatory infections. Besides, brinjal or aubergine, or egglant is packed with minerals, including copper, potassium, magne