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Are Millets for Thyroid Bad?

About 300 million people have a thyroid dysfunction problem all over the world, with 42 million being Indians! Despite iodine sufficiency,  prevalence of thyroid dysfunction has not reduced. What is the reason? thyroid auto-immune disease other goitrogens  What are Goitrogens Goitrogens are dietary substances. This means they are sourced from food. But their disadvantage is that they can interfere with thyroid metabolism. Unfortuntaely, for thyroid patients, too much of goitrogens in diet can aggravate the thyroid dysfunction and iodine deficiency.  Are millets for thyroid bad? Okay so millets are nutrien dense, loaded with fiber, protein, minerals, and amino acids. But can a thyroid patient have millets? Well, some millets, particularly bajra or pearl millet, sorghum or jowar , have goitrogen properties. This means that they disrupt the production of thyroid hormones.  when this happens, thyroid gland produces more tsh or thyroid stimulating hormone. as a result, there is growth of th