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Eggless Cookie Recipe Tips for Beginners India Without Baking Powder by Ravneet Bhalla [How To Make Healthy Biscuits at Home for Kids]

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Healthy Food Combinations You DON'T KNOW ABOUT

 Good food is good mood, right? But you need the right food combinations to make food healthier. Do you know of any food combinations that can ruin health? Fiber is good, but eating fiber without water is a cardinal sin that would do more harm than good? Eating iron is excellent for your health but without vitamin C, it might not deliver its full benefits. Do you feel you are eating healthy but still not getting a health boost? If so, you are choosing the wrong food combinations. Please share in the comments if this is your experience. We would love to learn more. This video takes you through 4 combinations that can save life, add more nutrition to your platter, and make you healthier and of course, happier. After all, a healthy you is a happy you, hai na? So are you ready? Let's begin. Here, I start with my favorite combination - #1. iron and vitamin C Adding more iron to your diet will do you no good unless you combine it with vitamin C.  WHY? Well, unless you take vitamin C, you

Millet Flour Recipes Vegan, Gluten-Free India [Ragi Rusk Recipe With Dates by Ravneet Bhalla]

Are you wondering how to make rusk at home? Are you pondering whether there is anything like a healthy eggless rusk recipe with ragi or finger millet? Well, until I had tried out the ragi rusks with dates, I wasn't too sure how a biscotti with millets might taste. But to my surprise, the ragi Indian toast tastes the same as saunf rusk with no flavor difference from the typical maida rusks that you buy from the market. So one try at making ragi rusks without yeast is a must.   Eggless Saunf Ragi Rusk Recipe With Dates (Vegan, Gluten-Free recipe by Ravneet Bhalla) I make my own ragi flour at home. This time I have not used sprouted ragi flour for saunf rusk, but for the ragi biscuits with jaggery that I shared a few days back, I had used my homemade sprouted ragi atta. This is homemade ragi flour that I often make after soaking the millet overnight, drying it the next day in the sun or under the fan until it is fully dried before grinding the millet to powder.' This homemade mill

Whole Millet Bread Recipe No Yeast, Baking Soda/Eno [Indian Gluten-Free Bread Recipe Vegan by Ravneet Bhalla]

Are you looking for an Indian millet recipe of bread without yeast? Perhaps an easy vegan and gluten-free millet bread recipe that makes an amazing sandwich bread. Do you want to learn a healthy Indian bread recipe with millets without yeast? here is one Gluten-Free recipe that uses little millet as the base, psyllium husk for binding, flaxmeal for omega 3 punch, nuts and seeds for flavor, and millets for gluten-free nutrition. Millet bread no yeast, baking powder soda, eno One bowl Recipe If you thought bread making was an arduous task, then I bring to you one super easy yet nutritious bread recipe that uses dates as sweetener, needs no proofing time, and requires no bread basics experience. Hanji, it's still called a bread, which should work absolutely like a sandwich bread or something that you can toast and enjoy. I am absolutely in love with this beauty. As I am still away from home, I don't have my bread tins here, so chose to bake a roundel bread. So happy to have chosen

Jowar Rusk Recipe Without Egg in Airfryer [Vegan Indian Toast Gluten-Free by Ravneet Bhalla]

 Does the word eggless jowar rusk make you go crazy? If you are on a gluten-free diet or are starting to switch to a celiac diet, then you are trying to avoid all things gluten. But one thing that disappoints you: what will substitute my favorite rusks? Well, worry not! Ravneet Bhalla is pleased to announce the arrival of her gluten-free rusks with jowar atta. Yes, baking with sorghum flour is not tough if you really want to do it. In fact, a plethora of jowar recipes on the website and my channel are an example of my love for sorghum flour. What makes sorghum a star of the gluten-free diet? Jowar benefits Sorghum is packed with phytochemicals, which include phenols, tannins, phytosterols, anthocyanins, and policosanols.  there is a high antioxidant activity in sorghum as compared to most other cereals. These phytochemicals have a positive impact on human health.  Some studies find that sorghum flour benefits against cancer are aplenty. The consumption of sorghum reduces the risk of sp

Healthy Jaggery Biscuits Recipe [Vegan Ragi Chocolate Cookies Without Baking Powder, Soda by Ravneet Bhalla in Airfryer]

Just when I thought I had tried the best ragi cookie recipe, which was widely loved by you all, I decided to twist the recipe a little to make it completely vegan and gluten-free. Packed with a nutritional punch from homemade sprouted ragi atta and sweetened with jaggery, the healthiest yummiest biscuits are flavored with nuts ( you may sub with seeds of choice). If you had loved my previous ragi biscuits without baking powder and soda, then this one will make you go crazy. Oh yes, take my words for it. This biscuit is yumminess redefined. Healthy Biscuits? Are cookies healthy? Ask a cookie lover and they won't mind biscuits to be unhealthy. But a health freak who is crazy for cookies will try to make their favorite crunchy bits healthy. Now how do you make a cookie healthy? Well, buy a packet of baked goodies and you will find all the unhealthy stuff listed on the ingredient list, from refined flour (maida which is drained of all nutrition) to refined sugar (another empty calorie

How to make GINGER ALE Recipe from GINGER BUG Without Yeast In India (Make Your Own Probiotic Soda at Home)

Are you looking for a homemade Indian ginger ale recipe without soda or do you want to experiment with your homegrown wild yeast or ginger bug? Well, this is your go-to recipe for ginger soda in India. Why do you need to make ginger ale syrup recipe? Well, if you are fighting digestive disorders, gas, acidity, nausea, or indigestion, then you want to try out this ginger soda recipe at home. The homemade ginger ale with ground ginger smells strongly of ginger and tastes good too. Additionally, it is a remedy for digestive issues as well. Is ginger ale a good substitute for soda? Now that I have learned how to make my own probiotic soda at home, I am sure it would work excellently as a substitute for carbonated beverages. What do you do with ginger bugs? Well, ginger bug with jaggery is your homegrown ginger yeast that is the stepping stone to making your homemade probiotics - ginger ale drink. If you are suffering from gas, acidity, indigestion, or flatulence, you are experiencing

Baking With Jowar Flour Cookies [ 3-Ingredient Gluten-Free Biscuits by Ravneet Bhalla No Baking Powder/Soda]

 What is in a simple cookie recipe, which is healthy, delicious, and crunchy too? If you are on a gluten-free diet, then jowar cookies will appeal to you. Perhaps this healthy biscuits recipe uses 3 ingredients with the addition of cashews making these rich, yummy, and flavorful. You ought not to be a jowar flour recipe lover in order to go crazy for these delicious bites.  jowar flour recipes for weight loss  If you are on a weight loss diet, then this sorghum flour recipe of cookies is not for you because malai is not for dieters.  Thejowar biscuits online recipe video is posted on my YouTube channel as well, so you can get a peep into how to go about the making of these delicious bites step by step. Baking with jowar flour or sorghum is easy. You do not need to be an expert baker to bake with sorghum or gluten-free flours. Jowar jaggery cookies recipe is here that uses no butter or ghee. if you are looking for an easy 3-ingredient biscuit recipe with jowar flour or sorghum, then it

Get Your Calcium & Protein From Pure Vegan Milk, Peanut Curd Recipe Indian by Ravneet Bhalla

Are you looking for a vegan curd with peanut recipe ? Do you wish to learn how to make peanut milk tea? Are you wondering how does peanut curd taste? If so, this recipe video is for you. Whether you are in India or abroad, peanut curd is an excellent substitute for dairy curd. Unless you are lactose intolerant, you may not be willing to try it out, wondering how peanut curd tastes. However, as someone who loves curd, I have given peanut curd a try for my vegan followers and found it to be creamy, sweet, and a little nutty. There is nothing you won't like in homemade peanut curd . Rather, it is packed with nutrients. Is peanut milk good for you? Peanut milk comprises a number of nutrients that your body needs. In fact, these nuts are a good source of dietary fiber, B vitamins, minerals, and skin-friendly vitamin E. If your diet lacks magnesium, potassium, iron, and potassium, then it's time to add peanuts to your diet. Is peanut milk good for weight loss or peanut milk nut