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Eggless Cookie Recipe Tips for Beginners India Without Baking Powder by Ravneet Bhalla [How To Make Healthy Biscuits at Home for Kids]

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Now Tomatoes Will Never GO Bad (Unique Tomato Storage Idea by Anita Chahal Aunty)

  Now TOMATOES Will Never Spoil [Anita Aunty's Secret Tomato PRESERVATION Technique is Out) This is my favorite tomato storage idea. What are your favorite tomato storage tips? Please share. This recipe belongs to Anita Chahal aunty, who had shared it in my group. I love her healthy easy recipes and have dedicated a page to her on my blog How to make Tomato Squash that stays good for 6 months? BEST trick To Preserve Tomatoes your queries: How do you store tomatoes for longest? Do tomatoes last longer in the fridge or on the counter? How is fresh tomatoes stored? how to store tomatoes for months tomato storage container how to store tomatoes for 6 months how to store tomatoes in freezer? in that case, you can rinse tomatoes, pat dry with a kitchen towel and then store in ziplock or make tomato puree and then shift to the freezer in ice tray how to store whole tomatoes in the fridge? Tomatoes will spoil easily in summers. how to store tomatoes in the fridge how to keep cherry toma

How To Ferment Cabbage, Make Indian Kimchi Salad for Probiotics (Gut Friendly Food)

 What can I use instead of rice flour in kimchi? Why does kimchi need rice flour? What can I use instead of glutinous rice flour? Can I use cornflour for kimchi? Indian kimchi recipe is easy. All you need is Indian cabbage, carrot, radish, and any vegetable of choice. I have also added capsicum to my Indian kimchi. You may call it fermented cabbage as well. The recipe is simple to make and Indian kimchi stays good for at least a month in the fridge, if not more. I have not kept it longer. Let's start making kimchi with Indian cabbage.  Vegetarian Kimchi Ingredients 1 cabbage whole 2 tbsp- salt (more for soaking cabbage initially) 1 tbsp or more- kashmiri red chili powder 2 carrots 1 radish/mooli 1 capsicum 2 tbsp- jaggery 1/4 cup- hot water ginger, garlic  1 onion To begin with, Ravneet Bhalla starts by chopping cabbage and then rubbing salt on the cruciferous vegetable. Leave it aside for an hour. After an hour, give it a gentle rubbing once again. Keep it aside for another hour.

Is Curd a Probiotic? Does Curd Have Lactic Acid Bacteria?

 Curd is the byproduct of milk fermentation.  You can ferment milk by introducing harmless lactic acid bacteria to it. what is the role of lactic acid bacteria in curd? Lactobacillus bacteria acts as an inoculum to ferment the milk. The bacteria in the starter multiplies and transforms milk into a probiotic curd at a temperature of about 30-40 deg celsius. How lactic acid bacteria help in making curd?  The bacteria produce lactic acids by digesting lactose or milk protein and breaking down the milk sugar  into lactic acid for easier absorption. The milk sugar coagulates to form curd and reduces pH. The tartness in curd comes from lactic acid. How to make curd at home? Curd is a probiotic, which is good for your gut health. Since it is a fermented product, it is a pot full of good bacteria that support your gut flora and microbiome. While it is nutritious, it's benefits abound for your body as all of its nutrients and proteins are easy for your body to digest. You can se

Zero oil capsicum in air fryer by Anita Chahal Aunty

Some of Anita aunty's experiments that I had not saved earlier. One such airfryer recipe is the zero oil capsicum in air fryer.  Anita aunty says,  Earlier I used to shallow fry these stuffed capsicum,,,then for the last about ten years have been using microwave,but there also they had to be brushed with oil,,,,but air frying is the best option. Ingredients  Capsicum............................250 gm  Potatoes..............................4  small Tofu......................................100 gm /paneer Salt,red chilly powder,haldi, dhaniya powder,green coriander  How to make stuffed capsicum in airfryer Wash capsicum  Cut out a circle from the top  Scoop out inside seeds  Boil,peel and mash potatoes  Mash tofu  Mix all ingredients and fill in capsicum  Cover with circle head  Place in preheated airfryer and cook for eight minutes at 180-degree celsius. Timing might vary from one airfryer to another. Serve hot when done. Enjoy 

Here's How To Make the Best Malt Powder at Home with Beetroot & Carrot (Easy Recipe)

  No this is not the same homemade beetroot malt powder recipe that you might have seen in other videos. This is HEALTH in nutshell. Here's a super simple recipe for all of you wondering how to make malt powder at home. The malted milk powder uses no dairy but is absolutely colorful, delicious, and nutritious. With some of the healthiest ingredients around you, from beetroot to carrot, almonds, pistachio, ragi or finger millet, cardamom, and jaggery, you can make a delicious health drink that appeals to kids and elders as well. When you want kids to eat and drink healthy, avoid buying market junk that comes complete with additives, preservatives and colors, not to mention refined sugar and flavors. But hey you can create your homemade healthy malt powder for kids to enjoy. you can enjoy its benefits as well without worrying about any chemicals or toxins in food. so how to make malt powder at home with beetroot and carrot? this is the season of root veggies so make the most of it by

oil free carrot pickle like none other (It's Instant, Easy and Simple Gajar Achar Recipe)

is achar healthy? Indian pickles are a powerhouse of nutrients. picking was invented by our older generations to store seasonal foods so they can be enjoyed when they are out of season. pickles are a rich source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. my oil free carrot pickle is an example. made with mooli, gajar, shimla mirich and shalgam, the instant pickle is packed with the godness of antioxidants as it is completely raw, vegan, and oil free. enjoy this delicious blend for at least 7-10 days if not more.  to begin with, let's slice the winter season's best gift - carrot.  no doubt, we get carrot all through the year these days, but winter carrots are the best-tasting, juicer, and rich in beta-carotene that gives carrot its color. now why is beta-carotene important? well, it gets converted to vitamin A in the body, which is excellent for your skin and hair growth, strong vision, and lungs. similarly, slice mooli or radish. you will enjoy this root veggie in the pickle. some p

How To Keep Joints Healthy as You Age Beyond 25 [Dadi's recipe to IMPROVE joint Health Naturally]

The elderly in Punjab have been enjoying a combination of til and gur for stronger bones and joints, which often start paining after you reach 40 years of age. Gond /acacia gum/babool gum/gum arabic- research shows that this resin from tree acacia is rich in calcium and findings of this study demonstrated that GA consumption in a dose of 30 g /day was effective in weight reduction and helping with adipose tissue dysfunction in type 2 diabetic patients. further, ingestion of gond can help reduce LDL and increase HDL in diabetic patients. further, it is reported to reduce blood pressure in lab studies , besides lowering caloric intake due to high detary fiber.   best foods for healthy bones and joints  sesame seeds  fenugreek seeds  oats  dairy products nuts who does not want to stay active and kicking all their life? but you have seen your elderly suffer from joint problems, knee pain, fractures and poor bone health. and you, too, are on track to meeting this sad fate, especially if yo

Easy pizza sauce recipe without tomato paste [ WELCOME Roasted TomatoSauce]

  Make light, fresh, and delicious pizza sauce without effort with roasted tomatoes that pairs so very well with homemade cheese spread toasted on a pizza and even a pizza cracker! sounds interesting, right. you wont ever forget this combination, that's a promise. when ravneet bhalla shares something, it has got to be a healthy recipe and an easy one too. The post answers the following: how to make pizza sauce how to make pizza sauce at home easy pizza sauce recipe homemade pizza sauce ingredients list fresh tomatoes (sliced) 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil ( ) oregano black salt black pepper powder salt kashmiri red chili powder garlic cloves prestige airfryer (paf 3.0) before beginning with the best pizza sauce recipe indian, here's an important piece of information foryou. the addition of  oil to tomatoes during cooking is crucia

Winter Special Recipes [ Ways to enjoy rice pulao in winters]

  Palak Nutri Matar pulao Nani's matar pulao recipe punjabi

Do you have an expiry soap? What to do with it?