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Cookie Baking Tips & Tricks for Beginners Without Baking Powder [How To Make Healthy Biscuits at Home for Kids]

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Healthy Soya Chili Without Cornflour, Soya Sauce, Sugar [Manchurian Without Frying Recipe by RAVNEET BHALLA]

 Ever tried making healthy soya chili without cornflour, maida, soya sauce, and sugar? I do. In fact, I love my soya chili gravy recipe without all these ingredients. Perhaps I choose not to deep fry the nuggets, which gives me an even healthier crispy soy chili recipe to relish with rice or chapati or even paratha.  Whether you are looking for soya chili Manchurian or chili soybean without corn flour, this is the recipe to go for.  Now you might be wondering what soya chili sauce have I used in the recipe to make it healthier? Well, the soya chili recipe gets its healthy punch from all the healthy ingredients, including ginger, chili, and garlic with sweet notes delivered by carrot while the tang comes from tomato and capsicum. The rice flour slurry makes a good substitute for maida. What more do you want? How do you make your soya chili Manchurian healthier?  Do you make soya Manchurian without frying? I would love to hear back on your recipe of soya chili without frying.  What is Ma

Besan Ki Roti for Weight Loss, Diabetes (Gluten-Free Chickpea Flatbread Recipe by RAVNEET BHALLA)

 How do you make besan ki roti for weight loss? Chickpea flour is packed with protein that keeps you filling full for longer in addition to fiber, which makes the gluten-free besan chapati recipe a perfect treat for weight loss. Whether you love to eat besan ki roti with chutney or onion or soya chili, this easy fulka recipe will come in handy. Besan ki roti benefits  Rich in folate Well, when it comes to counting the benefits of besan fulka, there are aplenty. Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpea beans are legumes that are rich in fiber and protein. Chickpeas are rich in vitamins and minerals. Chickpea flour is replete with folate, which is almost double that of fortified wheat flour.  That means if you are deficient in iron and hemoglobin, you should increase your intake of besan ki roti or chickpea flour. Pregnant women who use chickpea flour roti or besan recipes are at a low risk of spinal cord or neural chord defects during this time, which are common among women that lack fol

Deepti's Healthy Diwali Sweets & Snacks Recipes 2020

 How do you celebrate a happy, safe, and healthy Diwali 2020? While coronavirus has already wreaked havoc around the globe, we are looking for ways to celebrate the festival of lights safely. Here are a few tips to celebrate Diwali in a healthy and safe way. Avoid burning crackers - Coronavirus or not, crackers must be prohibited in every home always, let alone on Diwali. The amount of pollution crackers emit causes a lot of noise and breathing problems. Carbon particles from fumes and chemical vapors aggravate the pre-existing allergic condition. Even worse, vapor particles are hard to get rid of. They tend to stick to nostrils and aggravate respiratory problems, including asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and Rhinitis. Sadly, it further causes lung-related problems and breathlessness. This could further result in a spike in COVID-19 cases. Do you want a safe Diwali? Forget crackers!! On a side not, you might not be aware of the small hands that make crackers. Do you know little children

Nani Dadi Ka Khana Khazana [ IS IT REVELANT TODAY]

How RELEVANT are Nani-Dadi ki recipes? Anybody who suggests following age-old recipes is right as long as you are physically active. I always say this, I love dadi-nani recipes ad they will stay relevant forever. In fact, my dad tells me a lot about dadi's recipes and how therapeutic they were. My dadi had a special remedy for headache. She would make a big roti - cooked only one side and this was her go-to remedy for headache. She would tie this warm roti around the head and go to bed. The headache was gone!!!!! A simple mixture of jaggery and warm ghee post-lunch was our favorite dessert prepared by dadi. Sometimes she would throw in peanuts, little amount of fennel or ajwan and give us those nutty brittles that were soft and oh so yumm!!!! Every night she would soak poppy seeds in milk and crush them the next morning and give us that milk. my nani dearest My nani and dadi used to get up at 3 am and hit the bed around 8 pm. What is our lifestyle routine? They did not have any

VRAT KE BISCUITS [Healthy Amaranth Cookies RECIPE No Baking Powder [Rajgira Biscuits Falahari WITH JAGGERY]

Are you looking for more amaranth flour recipes now that you know rajgira is a nutrient-dense ingredient? Do you seek healthy amaranth cookies recipes with jaggery? Or are you looking for an easy and simple  rajgira cookies in airfryer for vrat/upwas/fast? Well, there are some block buster amaranth recipes here that you will love to dig into. I am looking for falahari biscuits for upvas. Do you think this is a farali biscuits recipe? Absolutely yes. It uses amaranth or rajgira atta for upvasachi biscuits. These are real farali biscuits that you can enjoy during navratri fasts. Baking with Amaranth  Looking for gluten-free, healthy amaranth cookies recipe with jaggery in airfryer for vrat?  well, here's one simple rajgira cookies recipe for upwas or navratri.  if you love rajgira, you ll love baking with amaranth. here is another healthy cookies recipe Indian by Ravneet Bhalla. it is a vrat cookies recipe.  This gluten-free cookie recipe Indian will appeal to you for the sheer reaso

How To Make Jowar Roti Without Breaking With Rolling Pin at Home [Sorghum Flour Recipes\Benefits]

Is Jowar good for weight loss? Is Jowar better than wheat? Is Jowar good in summer? Is Jowar good for thyroid? Is Jowar better than Bajra? Can Jowar be eaten everyday? Well, these are some of the most common questions people ask about sorghum flour. Well, sorghum benefits health in more ways than one. First, if you are wondering how to make jowar roti without breaking with a rolling pin at home, let's dig into it and see how to do that easily. The method I follow for making soft, fluffy jowar rotis came up in my mind after my successful trial of ragi jowar chocos at home. I was making sorghum flour chapati earlier as well. Back then, I would struggle to gather the dough and it would often break. But this method has been a revelation of its own. I am happy to share it with you all.  Jowar is heat or cold  Jowar or sorghum has a cold potency so that means you can enjoy it during summers as a coolant. I won't mind enjoying jowar or sorghum flour recipes during winters too because

How to Make CRUNCHY Ragi Chocos at Home [Chemical-Free Gluten-Free CEREAL Flakes Recipe ]

  How to make ragi chocos at home chemical-free and gluten-free? Does the idea of homemade cereal flakes or chocos interest you? If kids are crazy for all things chocolaty, then you are surely struggling to keep them away from market junk. But there are ways to make crunchy chocos at home for kids and elders alike. I have surely gone crazy for homemade cereal flakes that are gluten-free too. How to make chocos recipe? If kids are crazy for Kellogg's chocos, then do not miss out on this gluten-free ragi flakes recipe without sugar. Kids won't ever demand storebought chocos. Happy to announce the arrival of my RAGI Chocos with jaggery (No baking powder and soda) Gluten-free - NO MAIDA/NO WHEAT FLOUR If kids are crazy for Kellog's chocos, it's time to quit store-bought stuff. If you are not too fond of these chocolaty crisps, then I promise you will be ADDICTED to these beauties. My nephew is fond of chocos and I am happy I could come up with something healthier that shou