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Paro Paneer Reshmi: A Royal Butterless Butter Paneer Recipe

paneer reshmi butterless, no cream, no cahsews Paneer recipes are widely loved by one and all. Paneer or cottage cheese is a common ingredient in the Punjabi menu, if not the Indian menu. It is fast becoming a widely popular ingredient in the rest of the country as well so much so that now it's cousin is being used as a substitute in the form of tofu. Paneer is a royal ingredient that gives you tantalizing curries. I do not make it often, for it is packed with proteins and raises uric acid. Nevertheless when I do make, it is always paneer burji, which is a blend of roasted onions, tomatoes with a hint of garlic-ginger. Voila! It's as simple as this. So coming back to paneer badami recipe, I avoid using butter or too much greasy products in my food - yeah, you have got it right! Health comes first for me. I have kept dry roasted and powdered almonds, sesame seeds (til), flax seeds, and poppy seeds. This blend of nuts is often used to thicken some of my paneer c

Homemade Oatmeal Recipe: Milk Badaam Oatmeal Kulfi

Looking for homemade oatmeal recipes? Of course, you already know the benefits of oats. Isn't it? You will numerous homemade recipes with oatmeal here, for I love oats, believing their health benefits. This time I have come up with oatmeal desserts. Yes, desserts can be healthy. Yay! I have tried a number of healthy dessert recipes that might interest you. Almonds and pistachios taste equally awesome in desserts. What do you say? I try including these nuts in my sweets and desserts. Ice cream is my favorite or you may call it kulfi in desi jargon. Of course, I do not like chocolate ice cream. Do you remember I had shared milk badaam oats kulfi earlier? This included raw oats - means in unroasted form. This time I have chosen to roast oats and feel have got a slightly better result - here's presenting another lip-smacking delight from my healthy kitchen. Oatmeal dessert is healthy and yet so flavorful. Can't believe? Try this almond-based oatmeal

Coconut Chutney With Garlic Flavors

garlic coconut chutney As you all know, I was on a holiday to Odisha, the coastal state has an abundance of coconut trees. I must tell you my in-law's place is surrounded by a plethora of coconut grooves. I simply love that serenity - it's pure bliss for me that I miss here in Delhi. I so wish to settle down there some day!!  Yay!!  So coming back to the recipe, when I was in Odisha, my mother in law did me a big favor by getting 10 coconuts grated by her maid. What I did was to dry roast the fresh coconut on a stove top so that I could carry it along to Delhi and relish the same for a good number of days. Yay!! I am already doing so. I have stored the powder in a zip lock in my refrigerator door. This coconut garlic chutney is just one example of how I am using the Odisha coconut. I have been seen many people use roasted garlic for chutney. So this idea struck me to blend it with coconut. Voila! The result did not disappoint. My sister in law invited us

Eggless Whole Wheat Flour Cake Rusk With Oatmeal: A Low Fat Recipe

Ever since my return from Odisha, I haven't done enough of posts. Yes, I have been really busy with my projects. Nevertheless, I have not baked cake rusks for a long time and feel like enjoying biscottis with my regular cup of tea. So decided to bake a fresh batch for myself. Baked a low fat atta cake and then double baked the slices for a double delight. low fat  whole wheat cake rusk  Cake rusk or simple rusk has been a favorite since childhood. I have been savoring these crispy delicacies with milk and tea. I still remember having visited a cake rusk factory when I was merely a 4-5 year old. The memories of that day are still fresh. I often talk about that day to hubby - my biggest support system. I love to relive those memories time and again, and he is the only one who pays ears to me here. I still remember how rusks were lined up in huge trays there ready to go into the traditional oven. Unforgettable memories. That was the day I started having rusks! I f