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Flaxseed Side Effects: Demystifying the Mighty Seed with Caution

Flaxseeds, tiny nutritional powerhouses brimming with omega-3s and boasting potential health benefits, deserve their place in the spotlight. But like any potent ingredient, navigating their full potential requires acknowledging their potential downsides. Flaxseeds, tiny nutritional powerhouses brimming with omega-3s fats, are a superfood. but all good things come with a warning. rich in omega 3, flaxseds are natural blood thinners, which could be a cause for concern for those pree-exisitng bleeding disorder. Flaxseeds mimic estrogen and may cause hormonal problems in some women, with pre-existing hormonal issues, like endometriosis. besides, they may cause menstrual delays, breast tenderness. flaxseeds may be blamed for allergic reactions. flax seeds may cause gas and intestinal blockage for those with pre-existing digestive disorders, While generally safe for most adults in moderate amounts, some side effects may lurk beneath the surface. Let's explore these potential hiccups, bac

1 Anar 100 Bemar [The Hidden Secrets of Pomegranate Seeds & Skin as Anti-Biotic, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-inflammatory

One powerful natural antibiotic against the bad guys is here. Pomegranate, our very own anar! ek anar 100 bemar. both fruit peel and pomegranate fruit have potent antibiotic properties against waterborne pathogens. since childhood we have seen our elderly use the peel for dyssentry and diarrhea.   Imagine your body as a battlefield where good guys (your immune system) fight bad guys (bacteria causing infections). Now, enter the pomegranate, not just the juicy red fruit, but also its surprisingly tough peel. Turns out, both pack a punch against the bad guys, acting like tiny natural antibiotics! Here's how: The Fruit Power: Supercharge your immune system: Pomegranate fruit is bursting with vitamin C, a champion warrior that boosts your body's defenses. Think of it as giving your good guys extra armor and weapons. Target the invaders: The fruit also contains special chemicals called tannins and ellagic acid. These work like sneaky spies, disrupting the communication and gro

Chia Seeds and Breastfeeding: Navigating Nutritional Benefits and Safety

Are chia seeds safe for breastfeeding? Can feeding mothers take chia seeds? Can nursing mother take chia seeds? What food is not allowed for breastfeeding mom? Can I eat chia seeds after C section? What is not allowed for breastfeeding mom? Chia seeds, celebrated for their nutritional richness and adaptability, have captured the attention of breastfeeding mothers seeking natural ways to enhance their milk supply and overall well-being. However, as nursing mothers contemplate incorporating them into their diet, valid concerns about safety emerge. Let's delve into the available research and uncover insights into chia seeds and their appropriateness for breastfeeding mothers: Potential Advantages: Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Chia seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a precursor to essential fats like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), crucial for the development of both the mother and baby's brain and overall health. High in Fiber and Protein: Supp

Fabulous 9 Foods For Healthy Eyes

 **Diet and Nutrition:** *   Consume a nutritious diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. These provide key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that safeguard eyes from damage.     *   Stay properly hydrated by drinking adequate water. Proper hydration keeps eyes moisturized and lubricated.     *   Limit intake of sugary and heavily processed items, which can spur inflammation and increase eye disease risks.   **Healthy Lifestyle Habits:**    *   Wear sunglasses providing UV ray protection when outside to help prevent cataracts and macular issues. *   Take periodic breaks from digital screens to avoid eye strain and dryness caused by constant staring.          Incorporate regular exercise, which enhances circulation and blood flow benefitting ocular health.     *   Refrain from smoking, a major contributor to cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems.       *   Prioritize sufficient sleep, allowing eyes to fully recharge and remain hydrated. **Pro

How to make ragi ambali delicious? My MIL's village Recipe of Homemade Probiotics

Poor digestion means your gut health is compromised. Unless you take action to include more probiotics in your diet, your health could deteriorate faster. remember, a poor gut is the trigger for a compromised immune system and a series of diseases. In order to strengthen your gut and boost metabolism and digestion, let's learn to include more probiotics in our diet. The best thing is you can make natural pre and probiotics at home. For example, ragi ambali, which is different from what you have been watching on the Internet. In my MIL's village, they make ambali this way. What is Ambali of millets? Is Ragi Malt good for health? What do we call ragi in English? Is ragi Ambli good for weight loss? Ragi Ambli (Ragi Ganji) ambali benefits ambali food in english ambali in hindi millet ambali ambali uses ambali recipe in hindi Let's get started by soaking 2 tbsp ragi atta in water for 30 minutes. It's time to boil 2-3 times the amount of water. when the water starts bubbling,