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Kitchen King Masala Powder Recipe Alternative [No onion garlic all- purpose masala ]

I rarely buy readymade masala powders ever since I started following my mother in law's all- purpose curry powder recipe. It is ALL-ROUNDER, as my MIL uses this masala to flavor all her curries, stir fries, and vrat thalis in Odisha. Now it has become my favorite curry powder too. If you are crazy for Indian spices, then quit store-bought flavors because this is THE BEST curry powder recipe ever. I am sure you won't find a MATCH elsewhere. no onion no garlic kitchen king masala recipe ingredients 1 cup- coriander seeds 2 tbsp fennel  1.5 tbsp- jeera 1 tbsp- shah jeera 2 small cinnamon sticks a few javitri/mace 8-10 cloves 8-10 black peppercorns 8 green cardamom 4 big cardamom 1 tbsp- turmeric powder 1 tbsp- kashmiri red chili powder 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp kasuri mehti 1 tsp- mustard seeds 1 tsp- methi dana/fenugreek seeds  red chilli whole My search for the best curry powder ends here. I have been struggling to find one since my return from Odisha. Here's the ONLY one curry mas

How can I increase my iron levels as a vegetarian? [Top 5 iron sources]

  How can I increase my iron levels as a vegetarian? Top 5 iron sources your queries: How can I increase my iron levels as a vegetarian? What foods are the highest in iron? Top Foods High in Iron for Vegans what food is highest in iron iron rich foods vegetarian indian iron-rich seeds iron-rich foods for anemia how much iron per day top 5 iron-rich foods what food is highest in iron how to increase iron levels quickly 5 richest iron sources seeds (non-heme iron) 1. Sesame seeds 2. Pumpkin seeds 3. Flaxseeds 4. Melon seeds 5. Chia seeds All nuts and seeds are non-heme iron sources, which means they are not easily absorbed by the body. In order to make non-heme iron more readily available to your body, pair iron with vitamin C.

The Best Millet Recipes Ever [ Unique Zucchini Recipe With Millet] | Healthy Breakfast Idea]

Millet zucchini upma recipe is easy and healthy. In this millet crazy world, here's my yummiest contribution. The healthiest millet upma recipe is born. Delicious, easy, and of course healthy. Inspired by MIL's janhi upma recipe, I love to make this for lunch or breakfast. We are so crazy for millet ridge gourd/ turai upma that it's a regular in our kitchen. Do try out the best millet upma recipe once to find it out yourself. Dont blame Ravneet Bhalla if you find this millet recipe addictive. I learned the Most Delicious Millet Upma Recipe from MIL (Zucchini recipe) If you are wondering how zucchini tastes in upma, then go and try out this easy upma recipe at least once. I promise anyone who tastes this millet recipe once will be addicted. Millet upma recipe ingredients 1 cup - soaked little millet ( don't use soaked millet water ever ) 1 tsp- ghee salt green chili ginger all-purpose masala homemade ( 2 cups of water oil mu

Making Atta Cookies in Air Fryer Without Oven is A Child's Play (Easy Healthy Homemade Gur Biscuits No Baking Powder/Soda)

imagine making cookies at home, that too, with only 3 ingredients. hanji hanji main mazak nahi kar rahi hun. you need only 3 ingredients to make homemade atta cookies without oven. in fact, you can bake cookies in air fryer or without it too. the easy atta cookies recipe uses homemade butter and gur or jaggery powder. the first question is homemade butter better ? yes, I say homemade cultured or fermented butter is way healthier and yummier than the store-bought stuff. you get a lot of additives along with the so-called butter in the market. but homemade is purely butter that too fermented. ravneet bhalla loves to make things from scratch. the recipe of making cultured butter is also up on the channel. ingredients atta cookies ingredients  1 cup minus 1 tbsp (140 grams) whole wheat flour (please adjust according to dough- aim for a soft dough)  1/4 cup butter homemade (cultured) 42 gram  1/2 cup jaggery powder (62 grams) begin the cookie preparation by creaming together sifted jaggery