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Eggless Millet Jaggery Biscuits in Airfryer| No Baking Powder, Soda [Handmade Sattu Cookies]

Eggless baking is what you love but you also want to relish healthy cookies with protein, fiber, and minerals. You love cookies but do not want to eat maida biscuits that are laden with artificial preservatives, refined sugar, additives, colors, and chemicals. So here's presenting a very healthy cookie recipe with malai and jaggery. As always, Ravneet Bhalla bakes no maida, no sugar biscuits without baking powder and soda.  eggless airfryer cookies with millets I do eggless bakes and this sattu cookies recipe is one example out of hundreds of healthy biscuit recipes on my channel as well as on mercuryimp. healthy biscuit recipes with jaggery chemical free cookie baking for beginners millet biscuits with jaggery sattu cookies in airfryer easy healthy cookie recipe with jaggery in airfryer millet cookies without maida sugar Here's my collection of healthy wholesome biscuits without baking powder or soda. So let's see what the millet cookie recipe is. For the ingredient list,