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Top Ludhiana Gynecologist Shares Tips on Women Menstrual Health

Why do you experience a painful period? What is PCOS? How to manage PCOS symptoms? What can you do to manage menstrual problems? How to manage women health better. What are diet tips for PCOS?   Hear Dr. Mandeep Kaur share her expertise on the period pain problem. Dr. Mandeep is a leading gynecologist in Ludhiana. She has decade-long experience in women's health care niche. She is one of the best doctors and human beings I have ever come across. Humble to the core, Dr. Mandeep Kaur is the proud daughter of our very own Anita Chahal aunty ji.  The videos are posted on Dr. Mandeep's channel on women's health. Here, she shares some gynecologist tips on women's health and health tips for women.  What is white discharge in women? Why does it happen? Here's what Dr. Mandeep has to say on the issue. She also shares some menstrual health tips to relieve period pain.  If you suffer from period pain, then this home remedy can help relieve your menstrual cramp symptoms too. Bu

Boost Immunity With Fermented Cream Cheese [Probiotic Rich Healthy Spread Recipe by Ravneet Bhalla]

What makes a healthy spread recipe, which is probiotic rich food ferment? Boosting immunity is on our priority list and fermented cream cheese recipe can come in handy.  We are all fighting immunity blues, and the coronavirus pandemic has only emphasized the need to strengthen our body's defenses. No, we are not healthy as a generation. Rather, all of us have chosen a lifestyle that sucks immunity out of us. Processed foods and store-bought stuff have only added to the burden on our digestive system, bringing down immunity. So what can we do to strengthen our borders and improve the immune system? Of course, boost your digestive health and activate your gut flora - your microbiome. Adding prebiotics and probiotics to your diet is one way to improve immunity because when your digestion improves, your body can better absorb nutrients from food. These nutrients strengthen the immune system's defenses. Here is one recipe to improve your gut health. Yes, this is good for gut health.

Healthy Whole Wheat DARK FANTASTY Cookies With Date Palm Jaggery [No Baking Powder/Soda Air fryer Biscuits Recipe]

 Because we want to eat healthy and delicious, let's combine both to make healthylicious cookies for kids and elders alike. Kids are crazy for cookies but storebought ones are not healthy. Rather, they are packed with everything that we want to avoid using at home. From refined flour to refined sugar , artificial colors, essences, flavors, additives, flour improvers, texture enhancers, and colors. You dont want kids to eat all this, right? healthy choco fill cookies with whole wheat So why not learn how to bake healthy cookies at home with whole grains, natural sweeteners and without chemical additives, flavors or colors. Here you will learn how to bake healthy cookies without baking powder or soda. let's learn how to make healthy choco fill cookies at home because kids are crazy for all things chocolate. you want to hide health in every single bite. Please check the ingredient list in the description. healthy dark fantasty cookies with whole wheat and jaggery Ingredients 1/2 c