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Eggless Lentil Bread Bun: A Yeast Free Recipe for Vegans

Think of a vegan bread and here I come with a yeast free bread recipe. Perhaps this is one bread recipe that uses no raising agents either. lentil bread bun  What's more special about the no yeast bread recipe is that it : is vegan uses lentils is gluten free is grain free uses urad dal or black gram dehusked uses no raising agents - so no baking powder, no baking soda vegan lentil bread Why use Urad Dal Perhaps I wanted to make it a gluten free recipe. Additionally, urad dal is a rich source of protein and B vitamin. A common ingredient in South Indian homes, including south eastern India, urad dal is a versatile ingredient to experiment in your kitchen. The lentils get easily fermented naturally if left out in the open, so you do not need to use any raising agent to make a cake or bread.But the dal has to be left for 6-7 hours for natural fermentation. From idli to dosa, cake to bread, urad dal can be used in a range of preparations. If you are look