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Eggless Best Milk Cookies Without Baking Powder, Soda, Maida: Marbled Shortbread Cookies; Milk Powder Biscuits

Eggless milk cookies  without baking powder or soda sound like magic to the ears, right? Living up to your expectations are these easy-to-please marble cookies that are a step further in my motto to experiment baking without baking powder. crispy marbled shortbread cookies without baking powder or oda These are crunchy, These are crispy, These are just apt for munching. Whether you want a cookie to much, Whether you want a cookie bomb crunch, The milk marble bombs are going to be a hit. What makes these marbled bombs stand out, Is the addition of milk, powdered jaggery, and oats. Baking without baking powder or soda, Lends these cookie bombs an air of healthy yumminess. Making these perfect for tea-time munching, Or for delighting the kidoo and company :) Any takers? Well, without further ado, let's go to the colorful marble cookie recipe. As already mentioned, these eggless milk cookies are another addition to my baking without baking powder series. bes