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GLUTEN-FREE Besan Nankhatai With Jaggery Recipe |Gur Ki Naan Khatai Without Baking Powder [VEGAN Airfryer Recipe ]

I have grown up relishing gluten-free besan nankhatais and making these healthy biscuits without baking powder or soda is an art that I have got a hang of now. Of course, khatais appeal to every Punjabi. They are quintessential to our diets. The reason is that Punjabis love ghee and butter, and I am no different. I have literally had enough of these fats all through my childhood. So I no longer indulge in guilty eating.  So I decided to take a different route for these naan khatais with jaggery and besan. besan nankhatai recipe with jaggery in airfryer gur ki nankhatai with besan recipe Now what's that different route? gur ki besan nankhatai without baking powder recipe in airfryer Well, I decided to give these a fat base with oil. Did that disappoint? I had no idea how my favorite besan nankhatais with jaggery and oil would turn out. But to my surprise, they are at a par with the ghee khatais in terms of taste. However, there is a difference in the tex

Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets for Glowing Skin [Home Remedies for Skincare Dadi ke Nuskhe] How To Make Gel Cream

Who does not crave for a beautiful soft supple and youthful skin? Well, there are many ancient Indian beauty secrets to keeping you looking young. But if you have been trying out chemical treatments and cosmetics, you are in for a surprise because natural beauty regimen goes skin deep.  We bring to you videos on how to make gel cream at home. homemade gel cream for oily and dry skin When beauty lies deep within, you need to cleanse yourself inside-out for a wholesome effect, right?  Indian nanis and dadis had a kitty full of beauty secrets from nature's glory. Have you ever seen your grandma wearing makeup or slathering a cosmetic product on their skin? Not at all. I was pretty young when my dadi expired but she was beautiful without makeup. A hardworking woman who singlehandedly raised her kids after her husband's death at a young age. The stress of life did not have an impact on her beauty. Same rule applies to my nani. She was a dotting personality who had toiled h

How to Make Aloe Vera Hair Oil for Hair Growth [ANCIENT INDIAN BEAUTY SECRET for Hair Loss]

You suffer from hair loss. I know it's a pain. So you are curious to learn how to make aloe vera hair oil for hair growth? Perhaps hair loss hurts like anything. I, too, have been experiencing severe hair loss. I would blame stress and weather changes, especially monsoon, for the same. Sweat does induce hair loss. But this homemade aloe vera hair oil has helped me to some extent. homemade aloe vera oil for hair growth It has surely given me some respite and boosted my hair growth. Take this beauty tip from my self-care, hair care and grooming routine. I love aloe vera for more ways than one and have made it a part of my self-care regimen. What about you? aloe vera hair oil for hair growth indian beauty tips, secrets How to Make Aloe vera and Coconut Oil for Hair Growth? The nature's pharmacy has blessed us with an abundance of health care secrets. There are many ways to use natural remedies for skin and hair care. you need 3 leaves of aloe vera and 1 cup of c