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Coconut Cookies Recipe Eggless, Easy| Almond Cookies Recipe | No Oven |Airfryer Recipes |Gluten-Free

Coconut cookies recipe or almond cookies recipe - what are you looking for? Whatever be your favorite, this easy eggless coconut cookie recipe or almond cookie recipe will be your next favorite. Why am I exaggerating? Na, coconut cookies are really yummy, thanks to the burst of flavor imparted by homemade coconut flour. The best thing about these homemade cookies healthy is that they have everything made at home (except the cane sugar). beetroot cookies gluten free almond coconut cookies no baking soda/powder The beautiful color is credited to my favorite natural coloring agent - beetroot. I have used beetroot for coloring an umpteen number of times and it is always a hit. Whether you need to color papaya for tutti fruity or make a colorful bread, cookie, or cake, beet can lend a beautiful pink to it. But there's a trick to bringing out the beet color in bakes. If you use it raw, the color will be dim, but if you follow my way of making beetroot puree, the color wil

Why is Stress Bad | The Stress- Obesity Connection| Mood and Food Link Unlocked

Stress eating? stress is bad: food and mood connetion  Stress = obesity =  body becomes vulnerable to disease = lower immunity cancer How stress makes you fat? Chronic stress = disrupted sleep = sleepless nights High levels of stress hormones = increase in blood sugar = higher risk of diabetes High blood sugar levels in the body = more hunger pangs and increased sweet and fat cravings Food cravings = comfort eating comfort eating = guilty indulgence guilty eating = obesity and increased stress A recent study conducted by researchers at London's King's College reveals that sleep-deprived people consume more calories than others who sleep better. The sleep-deprived are more likely to consume 385kcal extra per day. Good Food Is Good Mood Junk Food = Bad Mood Animal Food = Depression Your diet could be the reason behind your stress, anxiety, and frustration. If you are used to indulging in guilty eating and your diet lacks a good serving of fru