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jowar cookies recipe is easy, healthy & delicious with jaggery and without baking powder/soda

looking for a gluten free cookies recipe? Jowar jaggery cookies recipe is here that uses no butter or ghee. if you are looking for an easy 3-ingredient biscuit recipe with jowar flour or sorghum, then it cannot get easier and yummier than this. Kids are addicted to all things unhealthy and if you wish to train them to eat healthy, bake some healthy jowar cookies gluten free for them or pack their homemade jaggery biscuits with whole grains. This ensures that they get the best of both worlds - taste and health. There are ways to make cookies delicious, attractive, and visually appealing for kids, not to forget nutritious as well. No, this is not one of my jowar flour recipes for weight loss. But this is one of the easiest and yummiest sorghum flour recipes that you want to try out if you seek a healthy cookie recipe that is easy to bake in an airfryer. jowar flour recipe #diwalicookiesrecipe Jowar cookies recipe with Jaggery is here. Of course, the gluten free cookies without baking

The Risk of Death is High..

 According to a latest study in Japan, the risk of mortality is high among men whose carb consumption is less than 40% of their calorie intake. Similarly, women who consume a too low fat diet.  Now that does not mean you should start indulging in guilty eating and take to ultra-processed foods that are generally low in nutrition. Here's the study conclusion by experts:  Low-carb diets lack dietary fiber and essential nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. Remember, these are essential for your body to thrive. The lack of such nutritive foods puts you at a higher risk of cancer and metabolic disorders.  Further, medical experts suggest that the study conclusion is likely due to poor dietary quality, malnourishment due to poverty, smoking, [and] alcohol. What else does the study say? According to the study authors, a lack of bioactive dietary components could be blamed for the same. What are the bioactive components?  Vitamins, minerals, fiber, heme ir

Signs of Magnesium Deficiency and Food Sources

What is the buzz about magnesium? What are the signs of magnesium deficiency? Where do you find magnesium in food? Observational studies state that patients with migraine are found to have lower serum and brain magnesium. Dietary magnesium intervention is shown to have improvement in lung function in asthma and bronchitis patients What are the benefits of taking magnesium?  Magnesium is needed for over 600 life processes and 300 enzymatic reactions  Popularly known as nature's tranquilizer, magnesium is essential to put you to sleep as it aids in lowering stress in the body and boosting serotonin levels. It works like an antidepressant by raising levels of calming hormone serotonin and lowering stress, anxiety, and depression.  This mighty mineral is known to help muscle development, boost energy, promote heart health, balance hormones, promote sleep.  "Did you know magnesium is an essential mineral to aid in vitamin D absorption in the body?" Magnesium plays an important