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Instant Amla Pickle | How To Make Amla Pickle Easily

Perhaps what has drawn you to this post is your love for amla pickle. But what if I say it is one quick way to make amla achaar? Would you believe my words? Well, you cannot ignore it, since you are already aware of my love for one pot! This post takes inspiration from amla achaar posed in anyonecankoach by Madhumita. When your dad compares your amla pickle recipe with that of his mom, what does this tell you? Hello friends, this instant pickle won over my dad in an instant, who compared this with his mom-made amla pickle. My grandmom was a true homemaker, dedicated to the kitchen and her family. She had numerous authentic recipes under her belt. Unfortunately, she was gone long before I could start exploring the culinary world. It's been 25+ years! Nevertheless, she must be happy seeing me experiment with healthy food choices, because she was herself a stickler to healthy food - would make every remedy at home. Dad says they never fell ill when his mom was arou

Easy Chewy Sugarfree Dates Ladoo: Option for Navratri Recipe

dates ladoo Until a few months back, I could not imagine that ladoos could be made without clarified butter. To me, every ladoo uses ghee. But as my culinary skills continue to improve while my focus remains on health, I have started to experiment with various ingredients. no sugar ladoo I came across a recipe that uses dates as sweetener. This was enough to give me an idea in the right direction. Then I came up with this easy ladoo recipe that  does not use ghee. sugarless recipe ladoo If you are looking for a navratri recipe, just use dates and nuts, and skip oats & sesame seeds, and you will get a falahari ladoo recipe :) No Sugar Ladoo Recipe : 1/2 cup dates (khajur) 2 tbsp -sesame seeds (til) 2 tbsp-oats or powdered and soaked sabudana for navratri (optional) 10-15 almonds How to make Sugarfree Ladoo Chop dates. Keep aside. If you have refrigerated dates, make sure you keep them outside for 4-5 hours bef

How To Make Instant Khoya, Condensed Milk in 5 Minutes

Looking for instant khoya? Or do you want a quick condensed milk recipe? Well, if you learn the basics of one pot one shot recipes, you can create just about any marvel. Take my word for it. No, I am not exaggerating. Khoya recipe is a keeper. Why? Well, it gives you instant khoya, without the need for constant stirring. Without any hassle or fuss, you can get ready-to-eat khoya at home. The khoya  recipe is simpler than anybody could expect. home made khoya How to make khoya at home? Wondering how to make instant condensed milk at home? Well, it is a simple, yet time-taking process. Of course, the end result is worth all your efforts. Khoya is a must-include ingredient in most Indian sweets. In fact, there are hardly any sweets that do not use khoya. I learned how to make khoya from my nani(matenal grand mom). I have seen her prepare a number of Indian sweets, especially khoya burfi. The word khoya itself makes me feel nostalgic, reminding me of my nani&#

Quick Veg Paneer Biryani Recipe

vegetable biryani Do you love veg biryani ? I used to wait for hubby to make chicken biryani when we were eating non veg. We turned vegetarian some time back. The word Biryani makes our mouth to water. Briyani is synonymous with Hyderabad, which has a distinction when it comes to making biryani. The Royals of Hyderabad made non veg biryani more popular. Coming to my recipe, the aromatic flavors of spices takes me to a journey into the past when my hubby prepared this vegetable biryani for the first time. Of course, this super delectable blend of vegetables and cottage cheese is addictive. You can't just have it once. When your hubby takes the pain to prepare it for you, it gets extra delectable and aromatic. I was in no mood to cook today, so hubby took the initiative and decided to surprise me with this signature veg biryani . I have always been in love with this special recipe from his culinary skills, which are better than mine. :) We rarely use basmati rice, as

Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Cholesterol: Panacea for Many Ills

acv remedy for cholesterol High cholesterol rings danger bells for most of us. Yes, it is a sign of imminent danger - signs that aren't good for your heart. It's important to keep a check on your daily intake and follow a strict exercise regimen to keep your cholesterol levels in check. Here, I have come up with an Apple Cider Vinegar remedy, which reportedly helps manage cholesterol levels. We prepare this recipe at home and have been using it for over 3 months. Here's the detailed recipe. ACV is highly beneficial to health. Besides other health benefits, it is known to be highly effective in fighting high cholesterol levels. We prepare a home remedy with ACV for cholesterol. The recipe was shared by my mom, who had read it elsewhere and prepared the remedy. home made acv cholesterol remedy My brother had high total cholesterol. After he started taking this ACV cholesterol remedy, his cholesterol has improved significantly. However, I must admit that he s

Instant Amla Recipes: Candy, Chutney With Indian Gooseberry

You already know about the benefits of amla, don't you? Of course, you are aware that Indian gooseberry is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. Perhaps you are also aware that amla helps boost immunity. When winters come knocking, you are often under the weather. An amla candy can help you boost immunity. In fact, if you try to include amla in your winter diet, you can ward off illness when the weather changes. This entire page is about amla recipes for health - be it amla candy or sweet & tangy amla chutney. On top of it, these are yummiest amla recipes. chatpata amla candy We have been buying amla candies for quite some time. In fact, dad has always made sure his kids take amla candy, apple murabba, and similar desi stuff to keep our immune system strong. Dads are dads! They will go to any length to keep kids happy and healthy. Before coming to my place, dad asked me whether he should bring my favoite batch of amla candies. My answer was NO. He was

Eggless Oats Cornflakes Cookies

eggless cookies The bug of baking cookies seems to have bitten me badly. I have been trying to experiment with different ingredient combinations to make cookies little healthier. Of course, there is no comparison to home food, and baked goodies are no exception. After having tried, eggless oats-wheat cookies and cornflakes-wheat cookies , this time I combined all three. The result I got was good - but I would still love to make cornflakes wheat cookies again, which have that extra crunchiness. The addition of oats does make the cookies on the softer side. Nevertheless, these are a healthier option for those looking to add home-made cookies to their list of healthy baking! Let's check the recipe below. oats cookies Ingredients Oats- 1 cup (if you want more crunchiness, you may reduce the amount of oats) Cornflakes- 1 cup Wheat flour- 1 cup Sugar- 2 1/2 tbsp (add as per taste & preference) Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp Cinnamon powder- 1/2 tsp Yogurt/curd