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Are dates better than sugar? Let's Make Khajoori Kaju Peda [No oil, dairy, sugar, gluten]

Wondering if dates are better than sugar? Well, calorie-wise, they are almost akin to each other but nutrition-wise, dates score heavily against refined sugar. They are packed with dietary fiber and minerals. Just look at the color of dates. This should give you an idea about their nutritional quotient. On the other hand, sugar is white, bleached, refined, and drained of nutrients. It is merely EMPTY CALORIES. Are dates healthier than sugar?  क्या खजूर चीनी से ज्यादा सेहतमंद होते हैं?  Are dates better than sugar for diabetics?  Dates contain minerals and nutrients, including calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, and amino acids in addition to fiber and phenolic compounds.  What are phenolic compounds? Well, phenolics are antioxidants that are known to have anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic effects. It is believed that phenols may help reduce blood pressure. Are dates OK for diabeti c s? Dates have a low glycemic index but have 70% sugar. But their rich p

Easy Healthy Sourdough Gluten-Free Millet Bread Recipe [NO YEAST, BAKING POWDER, SODA,ENO]

Can you make bread out of millet without yeast, baking powder, soda (Gluten-free Sourdough millet bread is born) Ravneet Bhalla welcomes you to the healthy food channel with a yeast-free pure millet bread recipe with homemade gluten-free sourdough starter. you need a few ingredients to make this healthy millet bread. i have made a mini loaf of barnyard millet bread in airfryer with 1 cup of homemade millet atta. 2 tbsp of isabagol or psyllium husk. you need isabagol to make this millet bread bread like. it makes shaping fairly easy. psyllium husk is a healthy choice and packed with fiber. it keeps the bread moist too. add 2 tbsp of flaxmeal or alsi powder to this millet quick bread recipe. we will also need salt. i have used black salt. but you may use common salt here. I have chosen not to add any sweetener but you may add a little amount of jaggery or sweetener of choice too to flavor the quick millet bread. Add 2 tbsp of rice sourdough starter to make a healthy recipe for millet bre