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How To Make Soy Milk at Home: All Vegan Milk, Dairy-Free Alternatives

I do not buy soybeans, and the credit for this recipe goes to Anita Chahal aunty ji. Soybean is a power-packed legume for those with low estrogen issues.  However, you should avoid soy if you have hormonal problems, including thyroid, cancer, and allergy. If you are looking for vegan milk or plant-based milk recipes, this page has it all. vegan milk alternatives But that does not mean soy is not healthy. It is a great dairy-free alternative for vegan followers. Homemade soy milk is healthy and preservative-free and of course, delicious, which makes it a kid-friendly recipe. vegan soy milk recipe Soy milk is touted to be one of the healthiest, low-calorie alternatives of dairy milk. It is an ideal milk alternative for: vegans lactose intolerant kids and elders histamine sensitive adults and kids those with dairy allergies or allergy to cow's milk those suffering from liver problems those looking for weight management and weight loss those fighting ch

Diet Ladoos: Refined Sugarfee, Power-Packed On-the-Go Snacks for Kids

Diet ladoos anyone? Does tthe caption spring a surprise upon you - ladoos, and that too, for dieters? diet ladoo sugarfree Well, I have named these diet ladoos, because these are refined sugar-free, which is only calories - empty calories to be precise subtly sweet from jaggery, which is mineral rich and unrefined (I use Organic jaggery) slightly tangy from mineral-rich black salt  crunchy from toasted seeds and nuts, which are loaded with iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus  kid-friendly since the ingredients aren't ground fine, but kept grainy for those nibbly bites that would instantly appeal to kids butterless, oil-free, and use no ghee - no saturated fat (the only fat here is the natural fat from seeds and nuts that remains locked in these yummy bites to give you plenty of benefits - toasting needs and seeds unlocks healthy oils) not diabetes friendly - kindly do not use this recipe for diabetics  This diet ladoo recipe is perfect as a tea-ti