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Ragi Cake With Jaggery in Cooker |Millet Flour Cake Recipe Indian in Airfryer [Eggless Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake With Ragi]

Whether you are looking for a ragi cake without wheat flour or a ragi cake with  jaggery in cooker, this glutne-free cake recipe is for you. It is egg free and uses carrot and coconut for added nutritional punch. Looking for the best ragi cake recipe with jaggery in cooker? This is the eggless vegan millet flour cake in airfryer for you. When you rarely eat and bake cakes but wish to make the healthiest birthday cake for your loved one suffering from allergy, what would you come up with? These are surely testing times for you, but you want to give the best. When I was faced with this situation, I ended up baking a refined sugarfree, dairy-free ragi cake. that was compared with Britannia chocolate cake, to my surprise. Believe me, friends, this is the healthiest, yummiest, and best-naked cakes I have ever baked. I rarely make or eat cakes, but I must admit, I ended up with guilty indulgence this time. eggless vegan ragi cake carrot The ragi chocolate cake is light, not too moi