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Odisha's Tomato Khajur Chutney OPOSd

Yes, you have heard me right. I have been trying out Odiya dishes ever since I started to cook post-marriage. It is not long ago! The transformation has happened only recently. Before I was not into cooking - not keen to, nor interested in cooking. But hunger brings the best in you, and when your health matters, there can be no excuses. Eating outside is not the healthiest of choices, but earlier, this wasn;t the case in my case. I would save cooking time and instead utilize the same for my projects. Perhaps, I was wrong. Health comes first, and it has to come first. You cannot live a healthy life if you eat outside frequently. Anyway, let's come to this tomato dates OPOS chutney. Well, yes, this is a specialty from Odisha and Odiyas are foodie. They love their food, tradition, culture, and everything about their rituals. Hubby being an Odiya is no exception, when it comes to food. He is not into tradition and culture per se, so only he married a Punjabi kudi.

Layer, heat, mix, an…

Moong Dal Cookies With Autolysis Dough Technique: No Baking Powder/Soda Simple Cookie Recipe

Autolysis and that too for moong dal cookies? What reflects in your mind when you think of healthy cookies or say autolysis? Seems both are miles apart from each other. Okay, we can autolyze bread dough. These days, after Rama Krishnan Sir's autolysis for roti dough, we have been blindly following the technique for kneading dough for chapatis, paranthas, puris, mathris, crispies, sev, and what not!! So why not cookies? If you have any doubts, read further. This healthy cookie recipe post will answer whether we can get crunchy bites with autolyzed cookie dough.

I came to know about autolysis from the illustrious Chitra Vishwanathan, who had shared the technique and credited Mr Rama Krishnan, the OPOS mentor, for the same. Let me tell you, autolysis for atta kneading has changed my life. I have never looked back since I learned the technique to knead dough. It is one no-knead atta kneading technique that will make life easier for you. Soft, fluffy, and healthy rotis are the outcome…

Diabetes-friendly recipes

Diabetes-friendly recipes
Food for diabetics - what & what not to eat!No Sugar does not mean diabetes friendly! Do not believe every word that falls on your ears.