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Healthy Ragi Recipes (Indian Gluten-Free )

My pot full of Ragi recipes is here!

Did you know ragi or finger millet is a rich source of iron that makes it a perfect food option for anemic patients?

A rich source of fiber, ragi is no less than a wonder grain - a superfood.

The whole grain contains bran, endosperm, and germ, which adds to their fiber content. 

The gluten-free grain is a staple in south India - and is overloaded with calcium, fiber, amino acids, vitamin D, and good carbohydrates. Since it is a good source of calcium, you need vitamin D to absorb calcium. Your body makes Vitamin D3 from a reaction to the UV rays.  Vitamin D2 is sourced from vitamin D fortified milk and poultry sources, such as egg yolk, fatty fish, and liver. 

Ragi for diabetics is a good low carb option. It is a skin-friendly grain, since it is packed with amino acids that help revert skin aging.

The antioxidant-rich ragi benefits those fighting stress, depression, helping you manage cancer symptoms.

The high content of dietary fiber makes ragi a superfood for weight loss enthusiasts.

For all of you who have been asking me for a tutorial on gluten-free cookies, here's presenting a super yummy treat for you all. 

But first, what is gluten? Should you go gluten-free just because your friend has? 

Of course, not!  I believe your body will tell you what it wants. So instead of following a "fad" diet, ask yourself how you feel after your diet? If you feel bloated or experience indigestion, your diet could be blamed. Switch to a low-carb diet to see if that helps. 

All in all, you should try to include all ingredients to plan your meals. A wholesome, balanced diet to be precise. This includes both gluten and gluten-free flours. For example, I am not allergic to gluten,  so  I try to include the best of both worlds into my dietary regimen to benefit more from a nutritional point of view. Of course, if you are gluten sensitive, you should not wait before transitioning to a gluten-free diet.

So this post is more about ways to include gluten-free alternatives in your diet. I love ragi for all its nutritional benefits. It is packed with iron and calcium. There's a lot of fiber too when you sprout ragi and make sprouted ragi flour, like I do.

Did you know sprouted ragi atta is more delicious and nutritious than packaged flour?

I have stopped buying alternative flours because I know I can recreate healthier options at home - sprouting or without sprouting.

It's a labor of love - love for your body - dedication to keep yourself healthy.

So let's see how to sprout ragi and make ragi atta and then use the same flour in a baked recipe. 

  • how to sprout ragi  and make flour :
  • how to make ragi bullets with jaggery (dairy free)
  • how to make ragi rusk with dates:
  • how to make vegan ragi cashew cookies with jaggery
  • how to make ragi digestives
  • Ragi cake (gluten free) with jaggery
  • how to make ragi cookies
  • how to make ragi mathri for a savory snack
  • how to make coffee bean cookies with ragi, jaggery

All of these recipes have been a great hit with anybody that has tried them. So if you are yet to experiment with ragi, here are a few simple recipes to help you join the ragi bandwagon.

Happy baking, friends.

How to make ragi chocos at home (gluten free) with jaggery

Ragi rusk recipe with dates

How to sprout ragi and make sprouted atta

Ragi cookies recipe with jaggery (no baking powder or soda)

Ragi mathri recipe

How to make ragi cashew cookies (vegan) with jaggery

Ragi bourbon biscuits recipe (no baking powder/soda)

Ragi recipe of crunchy bullets with jaggery

Ragi panjiri (easy recipe baked) with jaggery

Ragi roti recipe

Ragi recipe of digestives with jaggery (no baking powder/soda)

Eggless soft Ragi cake recipe with jaggery (gluten-free, vegan)

Ragi coffee cookies recipe with jaggery (no baking powder/soda)

Ragi coffee bean cookies with jaggery without bp or bs


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