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Dangers of Drinking Cold Water

cold water While we have talked in length about water benefits for health. You must be wondering how water is harmful. Well, remember, we are talking about Iced/ice-cold Water. I must tell you here that I drink at least 10-15 glasses of water a day, and that too, warm/normal water even during summers. I cannot tolerate cold water. I tend to feel more and more thirsty upon drinking iced water, so I started drinking warm/normal water.  Let's see the dangers of cold water: Blood vessels shrink When you drink cold water , your blood vessels tend to shrink. Not only this, it hinders hydration and  restricts digestion as the body starts expending energy to regular its temperature . This can cause significant water loss and dehydration. I guess this is one reason I feel more and more thirsty when I gulp iced water. (Fortunately, I have quit drinking cold water) Immune Function Affected If you drink iced water after a meal, you are putting your body at a risk of excess muc