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Cookie Baking for Beginners Without Baking Powder, Soda| Cookie FAQs [TIPS & TRICKS To Make Healthy Crispy Biscuits at Home]

I bake a lot of healthy cookies, which has earned me the sobriquet "cookie queen." But does that mean my cookie recipes are complex? Well, if you are looking for simple cookie recipes for beginners, then this cookie baking guide can come in handy.
How to make cookies without baking powder/soda series Oats cookies Crispy to the core without baking powder soda
Flavored with ajwain
While you have always relished savory ajwain cookies, try out this unique combination in a sweet biscuit.
It surely makes the best partner with a hot cuppa!
Gluten-Free cookies without baking powder/soda One cookie recipe close to my heart is here.
One try and it will instantly become your favorite too. Gluten-free goodness packed in a crispy cookie without baking powder and soda.
Another healthy wholesome Snack from archives.
You ought to try it to believe the baked goodness.

Barley nankhatai without baking powder or soda Jara hatkee nankhatai 
Now you might be wondering why the caption!
Well, simi…

Coffee Bean Cookies With Ragi Jaggery |Gluten-Free Cookies Without Baking Powder, Soda [Biscuits in Airfryer]

Can you imagine coffee bean cookies with ragi and jaggery? Well, do try out this combination. Coffee, cocoa powder, ragi, and jaggery are a match made in haven. 
Besides, these are healthy gluten-free biscuits without baking powder and soda. The airfryer cookies are crispy to the core and full of chocolaty punch.
Whether you are a coffee lover or not , you will be addicted to its amazing flavor in these  jaggery ragi cookies without baking powder and soda. 
So if you are trying to include the superfood millets in your diet and do not know how to do so, try out this healthy millet flour recipe of cookies and make your tea-time nutritious.

You can bake these jaggery cookies in airfryer, oven, otg, or convection. Yes, you can do so on stovetop as well.

What makes cookies chewy?
If you knead cookie dough, cookies will turn out chewy. If you use more wet ingredients, cookies might become chewy. Improperly baked cookies are chewy. The right way to bake crispy cookies revolves around : creaming, …

Makki Ka Halwa Recipe | Makki ke Atta ka Halwa Banane ki Vidhi by Parshotam Kaur [WINTER SWEETS INDIAN]

Somewhere some people meet you unexpectedly and share their life's experiences. Met Parshotam Kaur aunty online in Healthy Recipes by Homemakers and she has become an integral part of my life's journey. This unique makki ke atta ka halwa recipe belongs to her. Traditionally, makki ka halwa is a Rajasthani halwa recipe but I have never tasted it. I have grown up relishing makki di roti and sarson ka saag and when I turned into a baker, I did try to bake cookies and cakes with cornmeal.

But for this moment, let's talk about makki ka halwa by dear aunty ji. I will be sharing more of her baking, fusion and Punjabi recipes.

So keep watching this space for more.

Cornmeal Benefits Cornmeal is rich in a range of minerals and vitamins. This includes iron, B6, selenium, manganese, magnesium, and thiamine. The gluten-free flour is ideal for those with allergy from wheat and gluten.

Also, known as maize in the US, cornmeal is an important cereal loaded with phytonutrients, carotenoid…

EASY Lauki Recipes Collection | Bottle Gourd Recipes by Healthy Recipes by Homemakers [Indian SUMMER RECIPES]

I posted this challenge in our Facebook group to post lauki recipes for summer in India. We have had some amazing healthy bottle gourd recipes from the groupies. Take a look at the healthy recipes shared by homemakers here.  Share your lauki recipe and experiments this week!Did you know bottle gourd is one of the healthiest veggies around? But the humble veggie never gets its share of love for its bland taste - do you know how to make lauki delicious? Share your lauki recipes under this thread. Let's help each other relish this immensely hydrating vegetable. I AM SHARING my lauki recipes here. I try to include lauki in almost all of my curries and stir fries. Please share tips and tricks to enjoy the goodness of lauki. Are you ready? Selected entries will go into our jumbo blog post on Mercuryimp under your name. Bloggers can post their links. Are you ready? Let's get started.
Lauki Bharta Recipe by Parshotam Kaur 2cup grated louki,
2 onions finely chopped,
 2-3 tomatoes choppe…

Dalgona Coffee Cookies Without Baking Powder Soda| Ravneet Bhalla Cookies Recipe | Healthy Biscuits

Coffee bean cookies with ragi and jaggery Cookies without baking powder soda CRUNCHY Dalgona coffee cookies Ingredients for dalgona coffee cookies without baking powder soda in airfryer
1 tbsp- hot water
1 tbsp- coffee powder
4 tbsp- jaggery powder
Whip until creamy. it may take time- 4-5 minutes to reach the right consistency.

1.5 tbsp butter or up to 2 tbsp (cold)
Whip again

1 tbsp- cocoa powder
1/4 cup- ragi flour (add 1-2 tbsp more if using 2 tbsp of butter)
1 tbsp- besan

Pour into a piping bag. I did not have one so created a DIY piping bag with besan packet.
Make shapes of choice.
Preheat the airfryer/oven/otg/convection to 160 degrees for 10 minutes.
Bake for 15-20 minutes.
Remove from the tray only after the dalgona cookies have cooled down.

For crispy coffee cookies with gluten-free flour, add up to 3 tbsp of butter.
My cookies turned out to be crunchy. If you want them crispier, go for an extra amount of fat and then increase the amount of flour accordingly. This will be a …