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Eggless Steamed Biscuit Cake

steamed biscuit cake Looking for an easy biscuit cake recipe? Yes, this is the right place for it. I have seen many biscuit cake recipes and was always wondering whether we could make a cake with home-made cookies, since all recipes mentioned using Parle G, Marie biscuits.  I finally decided to give it a try with the oats, wheat cookies I had baked last night. The cookies turned out a little harder, since I used only 1 tsp of oil and replaced ghee with home-made condensed milk. Instead of throwing the cookies away, I decided to use them for my biscuit cake experiment. Additionally, I decided not to bake the cake. Instead I chose to steam it. The result did not disappoint; rather, I have got a soft, moist, and delectable cake. Glad that I did not throw my cookies away. The eggless biscuit cake recipe in cooker gives you a yummilicious cake that you would want to bake again and again. Whether you are looking for a biscuit cake recipe in cooker or a baked version, th

Oats Handvo - A Gujarati Low Calorie Snack

oats handvo This post is inspired by Ritu Mendiratta's oats handvo. I have been planning to make this savory snack for quite some time but could never try my hands at it.When Ritu posted her recipe, it instantly gave me the fillip to give this Gujarati snack a try. Though traditionally it is made using lentils and rice, we have chosen oats and semolina for the recipe. This makes a delectable, savory snack that I would love to relish again as a healthy breakfast or evening snack. Ingredients 1/2 cup- oat meal (powder) 1/2 cup- suji (unroasted - you may roast it) 3 tbsp- besan (optional - I included) 1/2 cup- curd salt, red chilly powder, mustard seeds, chana dal- 1/2 tsp urad dal- 1/2 tsp Baking soda- 1 fat pinch curry leaves- a few veggies of your choice- I included 1 carrot, 1 capsicum, handful of peas, green chilly sesame seeds - 1 tsp Oil- 1 tbsp hing- pinch roasted flax powder (alsi)- 1 tsp (optional) Water- little (to make thick idli type batter) Proc

Moong Masoor Dal Idli

moong masoor dal idli Healthy breakfast is the current theme in my group - Healthy Recipes by Homemakers. So we are all coming up with ideas to cook healthy meals for our families, starting with health-friendly breakfast ideas. Yesterday, I had decided to make kitchudi (a mixed lentil and rice porridge) and soaked moong dal, masoor dal and rice together for lunch. But then when it was time to prepare lunch, I changed my mind and decided to experiment with lentils and rice. I let it remain soaked until evening. In the evening, I ground everything together and kept the batter covered overnight. Let's see what I was able to cook with the batter. Ingredients moong dal idli 1/2 cup- yellow moong dal 1/2 cup- red masoor dal 1 cup- rice Finely chopped vegetables - carrots, capsicum, peas Grated/chopped ginger Salt Mustard seeds Chana dal -1/4 tsp urad dal- 1/4 tsp Curry leaves Hing- pinch Procedure masoor dal idli Soak dals and rice together for 5-7 h

How To Store Spring Onion

Green onions are an excellent source of Vitamin C, K, A, and phytochemicals that boost immune system health. How do you preserve/store spring onions? Here are valuable inputs from my group - Healthy Recipes by Homemakers: how to store spring onion replanting spring onion, garlic, planting mint, coriander, turmeric