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How to make Lacto Fermented Yellow Mustard Recipe in India| Natural Ferments (Probiotic-Rich Mustard Sauce)

The easiest lacto fermented mustard Indian recipe is here. Fermented mustard is a little pungent, a little acidic, a little bitter initially, and deeply complex in flavors. If fermented foods give you a hard time preparing, learn the process of lacto-fermenting for your gut. Lacto-fermented foods are a healthy addition to your meals and are packed with probiotics. Lacto-fermented mustard is undoubtedly the easiest to do, which ferments quickly and might go bad if you leave it outside at room temperature for more than 2 days (especially if you see fermentation bubbles all over). It takes only five minutes to whip up all the ingredients that you pack in a small sterilized glass jar. Wait for the beneficial bacteria to do the rest of the job, that is, ferment the mustard and improve its flavors gradually. Once it sits in the fridge, the flavors develop and become intense. You may then enjoy fermented mustard in India with baked pakodas or just like any other condiment. It's that good

Are airfryers healthy? Indian Air Fryer Recipes, Benefits

Good food creates lasting memories. When cooking becomes fun, easy, and healthy, you never get bored of it. After all, the excitement to cook healthy food for your family keeps you going. I bought my airfryer - Prestige PAF 3.0- 5 years ago for 3,400 rupees from a local appliance store. My first experiment was to bake pakoras in airfryer.  Knowing nuts about the functioning of an airfyer, I made the typical pakoda batter for making pakoras in air fryer.  That was a big FLOP. I baked the pakoda tens of times that day and still the end result was an uncooked mess of potatoes and onions. OMG!! I still remember the excitement surrounding the new addition to my culinary lab and how it flopped in a jiffy. But did that stop me? I am not one who will lose hope and heart easily. The fire to experiment and succeed keeps me going. Then I tried a cake the next day, a suji fruit cake, to be precise. It was a BIG HIT. The cake in air fryer turned out to be full of flavors, though it took a lot of ti

Healthy Multigrain cookies Recipe without baking powder soda with jaggery [Instant Homemade Powder]

 The cookie lover in Ravneet Bhalla comes with another healthy multigrain powder cookies with jaggery without baking powder soda recipe to delight you all. A highly nutritious cookie recipe that uses multi mix of ingredients to give you healthylicious biscuits for kids and elders alike.  Because I love cookies and my tea-time is incomplete without dunking a piece of homemade biscuits, I keep trying out different variations. Here I come with an instant multimix powder for cookies. I think this is one of the best ways to enjoy a multigrain cookie, which just melts in the mouth. I have made these beauties with olive oil but anybody who does not want to keep it VEGAN can add liquid ghee instead. This is one-bowl cookie recipe without baking powder or soda. Sweetened with jaggery Whole wheat, black chickpeas, besan, oats Happy munching friends! Remember, a cookie is a cookie. Guilty indulgence is never recommended :)  What is in a healthy multigrain cookies recipe? The biscuits are loaded w