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Sourdough Multigrain Bread Recipe Without Yeast by Vishnu Priya Chilaka [Sourdough Whole Wheat Starter Series India]

As all remember, we did a day-by-day whole wheat sourdough starter series in Healthy recipes by Homemakers as well as in Ravneet Bhalla Youtube channel. So Vishnu Priya Chilaka followed the entire series of sourdough starter making with me and successfully came up with her whole wheat starter in Bangalore.  Here's one of her sourdough experiments. Sourdough Multigrain bread   Inspired by Ravneet, I have experimented a multiseed sourdough bread yesterday.. this bread uses wheat,oats and chiroti rava with goodness of flax, melon, and sesame seeds.. this bread is dense but soft enough to enjoy... happy to share the recipe if anyone interested.. 🙂 Thank you Ravneet for guiding through sourdough world. Your recipes teaches us a lot of basics ... It's like lessons for us to lead a healthy lifestyle... You are a true inspiration for everyone.. ❤️ Below is the recipe - Ingredients for multigrain sourdough bread India 1 cup - 250 ml    Wheat flour - 1 cup Oat flour ( grounded instant o

How to make Apple Cider Vinegar in India [Step-by-Step Homemade ACV Tutorial by Ravneet Bhalla]

I did not know apple cider vinegar was so easy to make at home in India. When I did make it, my mom requested me to upload a video tutorial to show the making of apple cider vinegar at home in Indian climatic conditions. So here I come with my apple cider vinegar step-by-step recipe.  Chalo ji Let's start with the next project Apple Cider Vinegar from scratch ACV is integral to my baking regimen. So here's presenting my fermented apples recipe, which TASTES and SMELLS the same as any storebought ACV. What's more, it WORKS the same as well. What more do I want? Now, no more buying ACV. Start now, friends. This is the BEST TIME to make your ACV at home. It is a super easy process too. You must try to include apple cider vinegar in your dietary regimen. Besides other benefits, it helps with acidity and digestive issues. Try making it at home and you will never go back to the storebought stuff. I think apple cider is the easiest to make. What is apple cider vinegar? Well, ACV i

Indian Winter Recipes Collection From Healthy Recipes by Homemakers Vegetarian

 Let's welcome winters with recipes using seasonal veggies and produce. Selected entries from Healthy Recipes by Homemakers find a place of pride on mercuryimp. We welcome stir fries, curries, rotis, parathas, winter sweats, traditional treats!  If you are looking for Indian vegetarian winter recipes, then this page has: vegetables to eat in winter in india  winter vegetables in india  winter snacks recipes  indian Punjabi winter recipes  winter season food  winter vegetarian recipes for dinner A big round of applause for my girls in Healthy Recipes by Homemakers for sharing their heirloom and innovative Indian winter recipes for dinner, snacks, and breakfast here.  Baked Nachos by Deepti Aggarwal Let's begin the winter recipes collection with this super special winter snacks recipe from our super talented Deepti.  1 ¼ cup maize flour(makki ka aata/cornmeal) ¼ cup whole wheat flour 1 tbsp corn flour Two spoon oil Warm water as required 3 tsp beetroot powder 2 tsp Oregano ¼ tea

6 Healthy Food Combinations You DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT

 Good food is good mood, right? But you need the right food combinations to make food healthier. Do you know of any food combinations that can ruin health? Fiber is good, but eating fiber without water is a cardinal sin that would do more harm than good? Eating iron is excellent for your health but without vitamin C, it might not deliver its full benefits. Do you feel you are eating healthy but still not getting a health boost? If so, you are choosing the wrong food combinations. Please share in the comments if this is your experience. We would love to learn more. This video takes you through 4 combinations that can save life, add more nutrition to your platter, and make you healthier and of course, happier. After all, a healthy you is a happy you, hai na? So are you ready? Let's begin. Here, I start with my favorite combination - #1. iron and vitamin C Adding more iron to your diet will do you no good unless you combine it with vitamin C.  WHY? Well, unless you take vitamin C, you

Millet Flour Recipes Vegan, Gluten-Free India [Ragi Rusk Recipe With Dates by Ravneet Bhalla]

Are you wondering how to make rusk at home? Are you pondering whether there is anything like a healthy eggless rusk recipe with ragi or finger millet? Well, until I had tried out the ragi rusks with dates, I wasn't too sure how a biscotti with millets might taste. But to my surprise, the ragi Indian toast tastes the same as saunf rusk with no flavor difference from the typical maida rusks that you buy from the market. So one try at making ragi rusks without yeast is a must.   Eggless Saunf Ragi Rusk Recipe With Dates (Vegan, Gluten-Free recipe by Ravneet Bhalla) I make my own ragi flour at home. This time I have not used sprouted ragi flour for saunf rusk, but for the ragi biscuits with jaggery that I shared a few days back, I had used my homemade sprouted ragi atta. This is homemade ragi flour that I often make after soaking the millet overnight, drying it the next day in the sun or under the fan until it is fully dried before grinding the millet to powder.' This homemade mill