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Punjabi Peepe Wale Biscuit Recipe Is My Favorite [Black Cardamom Adds Flavor Punch to Atta Ghee Cookies in Kadahi]

Hello friends, Namanaste, sat sri akala, adab, vadakam. Ravneet Bhalla welcomes you to her channel. Childhood is an unforgettable period in our lives. There are specific memories that remain cherished in our minds forever. If you too have such childhood memories, feel free to share in comments. I too have such amazing childhood memories that I remember to date.  Peepe wale biscuit is one such memory. When I used to visit my maternal grandfather during school vacation, he would bring tins of Punjabi ghee atta ke biscuit. Peepe wale biscuits recipe uses ghee, whole wheat flour, and sugar. Biscuits were our only snack during those days. Back then, there were no pizza, burger for kids to relish. We used to enjoy biscuits as snack along with homemade pakora made by nana ji. I still remember that distinctive taste and flavor of that ghee atta biscuit.  There was a flavor punch that I always use in my homemade cookies. You will know about that flavor punch in the video. This is a healthy atta