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Imli Ladoos (Tamarind Balls)

imli ladoos Time to take a trip down the memory lane...time to travel to childhood days again with this tangy, sweet & addictive imli bombs!!! Taste awesome, though turned a little hard! Nevertheless I am in love with these imli ladoos again! These were my favorite munching sweet 'n savory treats as a child. What about you? I am sure kids love them as much as we love these even today. So if you buy them for yourself or kids, why not try these delicacies at home? After all, home stuff is still better than the market junk? What do you think? imli ladoo tamarind balls Imli ladoos recipe: Jaggery (gur) - 250 gm  Tamarind (fresh imli) -250 gm  Rosted cumin powder:-1/2 tsp Black salt:- 1/2 tsp ghee:-1/2 tsp Process  De-seed imli and then grind it. The purpose is to make it soft so that it easily gets dissolved in jaggery. Take a thick, heavy bottomed pan and add jaggery. Heat on a low flame. When jaggery melts, immediately

Oil Free Snacks

oil free snack/toast Any guesses? This is for all the health conscious people out there who refrain from using too much oil in their snacks. This was an experiment, but I tell you, it turned out really well! Feeling amazed and of course happy! Another oil-free recipe. Yes, this looks more like bread pakoda and tastes the same as well. But this recipe does not use bread, nor does it use oil. It is a simple combination of rice flour & besan prepared in a sandwich maker. For a change, works great as a snack when kids want something urgently and you do not have something special to treat them. They will happily enjoy this kinda snacks! Ingredients:  1/2 cup rice flour, 1/2 cup besan (gram flour) a pinch of baking soda a tablespoon of oil (if you wish; I used it) a tbs of sesame seeds (you can increase or reduce the quantity) salt - as per taste Mix all the ingredients, and then add water. It should be viscous - not to thick nor too runny.  Grease the four plates

Instant Milk Badam Ladoos: Navratri Recipe

Looking for a healthy sweet recipe with almonds? Perhaps you want an instant ladoo recipe for kids. Well, this milk badam ladoo recipe is instant, sugarfree, gluten-free, and oh so so yummy that you cannot stop at just one cute little badam balls. I am sure your tiny tots would relish these melt-in-the-mouth moments as much as you! 5-minute milk badam ladoo sugarless kid-friendly recipe: gluten free almond balls Then these c ute little almond balls are sure going to appeal to you. No, this is not the first time that I have tried  these melt-in-the-mouth delicacies. Tried these on a previous occasion when I had just started doing kitchen experiments, and they exceeded my expectations. But then that wasn't an instant badam ladoo recipe. It was the traditional churning method. smile emoticon The milk badam ladoo recipe is different-  it's instant it's fudgy it's yummy it's kid-friendly it's paleo it's gluten-free it's not diabetes