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Jeera Biscuits Recipe With Whole Wheat Without Baking Powder (Ajwain Cookies in Aifryer)

The ultimate jeera biscuits recipe with atta is here. If you have been in love with ajwain cookies, then this airfryer Indian recipe will be an instant hit at your home.

Atta Jeera Biscuit Recipe | Whole Wheat Flour Cookies | Healthy BiscuitsHealthy cookies are my weakness. What about you? I am a cookie lover. But I love biscuits as well. Now you must be wondering whether there is any difference between both. Well, to me cookies are the goodies we get in bakeries - these are little heavier than biscuits, which are light and flaky. After having tried my hands at different combinations to make homemade whole wheat cookies, I have been curious enough to look for a biscuit recipe. I am extremely happy with the results I have got with this new batch of healthy whole wheat cookie recipe with jeera and ajwain in airfryer!
I do not prefer using maida for my cookies, not for any other recipe either. In fact, maida or white flour does not find a place in my home. Reasons galore -all related…

Eggless Suji Rusk Recipe at Home With Jaggery [DAIRY-FREE Sooji Rusk Recipe Without YEAST in AIRFRYER]

If you love a crunchy healthy snack with tea, then this suji rusk recipe at home eggless with jaggery will interest you. I have always been fond of rusks and I have a lot of fond memories that float in my mind every now and then. I was a little 3-4 year old when I used to visit a local bakery in my home town near to my residence. Those visits are still fresh and if I close my eyes, those piles of trays with rusks easily reflect on my thoughts. The aroma is unforgettable. Childhood memories are close to our hearts, hai na?

Crispy crunchy rusks that take you back in time!.

सूजी के टोस्ट बनाने की विधि | How to make Sooji rusk recipe with jaggery, EgglessBut let's come back to this sooji rusk recipe with jaggery . Ingredients of Sooji Rusk Without Yeast
1 cup- 240ml 1 cup whole Wheat flour, 1 cup suji 1/4 cup oil, 1/2 cup jaggery powder, (little less) 1 tsp Baking powder 1/2t sp b soda 1t sp fennel powder 1 tsp- fennel whole 3/4 cup water

How to make sooji rusk at home with jaggery in a…

Dalia SALAD Recipe for Weight Loss | How To Make Vegetable Salad Recipe With Broken Wheat [10 MINUTES]

Ideally, a lot many people do not like broken wheat and salad is nowhere in their minds. But if you are unsure how to enjoy a dalia recipe, turn it into a salad with broken wheat. The recipe won't disappoint. What makes this dalia recipe for weight loss special is the power-packed ingredients. Every single ingredient that goes into this dalia salad is nutritionally rich. So would you wait to make this salad recipe a part of your healthy diet?

I am already in love with this salad series that packs a powerful punch of nutrition -
What more could a humble broken wheat salad recipe give you?

Did I say it is delicious too?

Perhaps you do not need to cook everything in oil to add a flavor punch. Similarly, I love milk dalia recipe for weight loss too. No, I am not on a weight loss diet. I enjoy a healthy weight - I weigh 50 kg :)

Can you give dalia recipe for weight loss in hindi?
Well, it is a very simple salad recipe with broken wheat.
पहले दलिआ उबाल लीजिय। फि…

Homemade Hibiscus Oil for Hair Growth| Get Silky Shiny Smooth Hair With DIY SESAME OIL FOR THICKER HAIR ONLINE

Whether you are suffering from hair loss or grey hair, hibiscus leaves for hair growth can work like a charm. I started using hibiscus flowers in combination with sesame oil when one of my friends told me about hibiscus flower benefits for hair and skin. My research helped me reach the conclusion that hibiscus oil for hair along with til oil does work. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the homemade hibiscus oil for hair growth has been my biggest DIY project. How? Well, it combines two potent ingredients that will give your hair luster, shine, and stem loss of hair.
Before proceeding, my verdict on this miracle oil for hair:
I call it a hair conditioner or a hair conditioning oil- once you start using it, you will NEVER need a separate conditioner.  Why Does hair loss occur and how does hibiscus oil for hair work Well, hair loss hurts like heartbreak. I have always enjoyed long hair, and the credit goes to mom. She has taken special care of our hair when we were young. But w…