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How to preserve banana leaves [ Storing Banana Leaves]

 Storing Banana Leaves Preparation: Cut large banana leaves into manageable pieces. Wash them thoroughly with clean water to remove any dirt or debris. Folding and Storage: Gently fold the washed leaves together. Crucially, avoid storing them with any moisture.  Moisture promotes fungal growth and shortens their shelf life. Refrigeration: Place the folded leaves in a container that allows for air circulation. This helps prevent them from becoming soggy and developing mold. Or you can simply place the folded leaves in the fridge door, where it does not come in touch with moisture. Store the container in a refrigerator. Following these steps can help preserve banana leaves for 7-10 days, potentially even longer. Important Note: Storing banana leaves at room temperature is not recommended. They will dry out quickly, become brittle, and start to rot within 2 days due to the lack of proper temperature control. Additional Tips: Freezing: For longer storage (up to 6 months), consider freezing