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Moong Dal Cookie Recipe: Aromatic, Wholesome, Crunchy Biscuits in Airfryer

Moong dal cookies? Aromatic, flavorful, crunchy, and wholesome – this is how I define this batch of wholesome moong dal cookies. Wondering what makes this moong dal biscuit wholesome? Well, a mix of proteins, carbs, and dietary fiber is all you need to make this wholesome batch of cookies with moong dal. moong dal bicuits with oatmeal The simple cookie recipe is quick to process rustic in taste aromatic enough to tempt your taste buds rich in fiber from oatmeal packed with proteins from yellow lentils a no sugar, no maida recipe With so many plus points associated with this unique moong dal recipe, would you like to wait before baking a fresh batch of yellow lentil cookies for kids and elders alike? If you do choose to wait, you are seriously doing injustice to your family. How? Well, you are keeping your loved ones from tasting a wholesome cookie that is just perfect for tea time. yellow lentil cookies - moong dal biscuits with oatmeal Dunk t

Yeast-Free Focaccia Bread Recipe |Red Lentils Pizza Bread No Yeast [Gluten-Free Flatbread, Low CARB RECIPE]

Looking for a gluten-free YEAST-FREE focaccia bread recipe? Here's one of the easiest low carb breads no yeast recipes for you. Do you tend to avoid gluten-rich grains, including whole wheat flour, for reasons galore? Any specific health issues? grain free foaccia bread gluten free flatbread yeast free  Do you crave for guilt-free indulgence while wanting to avoid whole grains that come with gluten and cause you gluten sensitivity? gluten free flatbread with lentils red lentil flatbread grain free flatbread pizza discs Worry not! This gluten-free flatbread recipe is just for you! Ever thought of a gluten-free red lentil focaccia bread? Well, I am going to introduce you to my next healthy bread experiment, which is gluten free, nut free, vegetarian, and egg free. Perhaps all of my recipes are eggless. red lentil flatbread   A common ingredient in north Indian homes, protein-rich red lentils or malika masur dal is all you

Crunchy Amaranth Cookies: Gluten Free Digestives | Amaranth Biscuits Recipe

Amaranth flour cookies are one of the delicious baked goodies ever. Do not believe my words? Try out this soft, melt-in-mouth yet crunchy simple cookie recipe with amarath flour. amaranth digestives I am on a digestives-making spree, trying out a blend of grains, millets, and cereals. These are the yummiest wheat-free digestives ever. With low saturated fat and no white sugar, the amaranth digestives are baking powder free. amaranth cookies You will fall in love with the rustic taste and aroma of rajgira atta, as amaranth is known in Hindi. Amaranth is a gluten-free addition to your list, which has numerous benefits for health. Here's a recap on amaranth benefits: Amaranth is known as the " never fading flower" in Greek. The grain has been widely grown since ages. rajgira cookies The amaranth grain is a rich source of protein compared to other cereal grains with significantly higher lysine content. Do you know amaranth benefits digestion he

Fruity Frozen Delight: Yummy Oatmeal Kulfi, No Milk, No Cream, No Sugar

This no sugar kulfi or frozen delight is in continuation of my no milk, no cream, no sugar kulfi series. Perhaps healthy is the best word to define this kulfi mix. You love frozen desserts but are wary of guilty eating. Worry not! This luscious, creamy kulfi is another name of guilt-free indulgence.  frozen delight no milk kulfi no sugar oatmeal kulfi  If the oatmeal kulfi recipe is coming from my end, this means it has got to be healthy it will include oatmeal it will be loaded with nuts it will be a true summer delight kulfi no milk creamy no cream healthy kulfi Okay, so let's get back to work. What do you look for in a kulfi ? Perhaps creamy, milky, frozen delight, isn;t it? how to make oatmeal delicious: kulfi summer dessert with oat  What if I say this oatmeal kulfi recipe gives you all that without the need to include any ingredient that you do not want to indulge in. Of course, cream and milk are quintessential to ice