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How to make cookies at Home Without Butter and Oven in idli stand (walnut oats cookies without maida, baking powder soda)

 How to make cookies at home in idli maker? Making homemade healthy eggless cookies without oven, otg, convection or airfryer is easy. If you have atta, jaggery, and ghee, you can bake healthy delicious indican cookies for Diwali or any occasion.  The best thing is homemade is healthy and you can bake biscuits in idli stand if you do not have an airfryer, otg or convection handy. Cookies in idli maker come out crispy even without baking powder or soda. However, baking in idli stand requires a few tips that I will share in the cookie-making video ahead. So if you are like me who loves to pair homemade healthy eggless cookies without maida, or refined sugar or even baking powder or soda with her hot cuppa, this healthy oats cookies recipe with the crunch of walnuts and goodness of jaggery will be a SHOW-STOPPER. So let's make crispy healthy oatmeal cookies without oven, baking powder or soda. Let me tell you if you are here for the first time, Ravneet Bhalla will answer all your doub