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North Indian Punjabi Recipes

North Indian Punjabi Recipes
If Punjabi recipes tempt your taste buds, then this page is a must-visit. Take a peep into Anita Chahal aunty's kitchen and see what authentic Punjabi food is all about. You will also find fusion recipes from Anita aunty's Punjabi kitchen. Not to mention, she has started to share OPOS recipes as well.

Authentic South Indian Recipes

Authentic South Indian Recipes
If you love south Indian food, do not leave without checking this page. Dedicated to Chitra Balachander, a south Indian homemaker, the page is all about taking a journey into her south Indian kitchen. Travel with me to her kitchen to savor traditional south Indian food.

From the Kitchen of Anita Chahal aunty - Recipe Treasures

This page is dedicated to our dearest Anita Chahal aunty ji.  It's anuty ji's anniversary today, and I want to treasure her healthy food recipes and share with you all.

Punjabi recipes from Anita Chahal aunty's kitchen

Old recipes of moms and grandmoms or nanis and dadis are treasures. Agree? I bring to you one such recipe treasure from the kitchen of our very own Anita Chahal aunty ji. From cakes to curries, from simple breakfast to main course meals, from cookies to desserts and sweets, from age-old recipes to traditional home remedies, Anita Chahal aunty's kitty is bursting with suggestions. Any takers? This page brings to you all her healthy food recipe treasures at one place.

Words fall short when it comes to talking about the lady behind this page. A self-made "superwoman," Anita Chahal aunty ji is a mother to all. As a woman of this generation, we feel proud to have connected with aunty ji, whose personal life is full of sweet and sour tales. But our aunty ji is a showcase of strength, commitment, and self-respect. A humble highly educated lady, who is full of love & care, Anita Chahal aunty ji is a learner to this date. Despite years of cooking experience under her belt, she has a zeal to hone her culinary skills - learning and unlearning ways that make cooking healthy, fun, and easy. Connect with her Punjabi and fusion recipes on this page. You will love every bit of it, because every single post here speaks of health. Each of her simple recipes is food for the soul and reminds me of my ma ke hath ka khana 

Simple, delicious, and quick are aunty ji's healthy recipes, often churned out with simplest of ingredients easily available on your kitchen shelves.

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