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Now Tomatoes Will Never GO Bad (Unique Tomato Storage Idea by Anita Chahal Aunty)

  Now TOMATOES Will Never Spoil [Anita Aunty's Secret Tomato PRESERVATION Technique is Out) This is my favorite tomato storage idea. What are your favorite tomato storage tips? Please share. This recipe belongs to Anita Chahal aunty, who had shared it in my group. I love her healthy easy recipes and have dedicated a page to her on my blog How to make Tomato Squash that stays good for 6 months? BEST trick To Preserve Tomatoes your queries: How do you store tomatoes for longest? Do tomatoes last longer in the fridge or on the counter? How is fresh tomatoes stored? how to store tomatoes for months tomato storage container how to store tomatoes for 6 months how to store tomatoes in freezer? in that case, you can rinse tomatoes, pat dry with a kitchen towel and then store in ziplock or make tomato puree and then shift to the freezer in ice tray how to store whole tomatoes in the fridge? Tomatoes will spoil easily in summers. how to store tomatoes in the fridge how to keep cherry toma

How To Ferment Cabbage, Make Indian Kimchi Salad for Probiotics (Gut Friendly Food)

 What can I use instead of rice flour in kimchi? Why does kimchi need rice flour? What can I use instead of glutinous rice flour? Can I use cornflour for kimchi? Indian kimchi recipe is easy. All you need is Indian cabbage, carrot, radish, and any vegetable of choice. I have also added capsicum to my Indian kimchi. You may call it fermented cabbage as well. The recipe is simple to make and Indian kimchi stays good for at least a month in the fridge, if not more. I have not kept it longer. Let's start making kimchi with Indian cabbage.  Vegetarian Kimchi Ingredients 1 cabbage whole 2 tbsp- salt (more for soaking cabbage initially) 1 tbsp or more- kashmiri red chili powder 2 carrots 1 radish/mooli 1 capsicum 2 tbsp- jaggery 1/4 cup- hot water ginger, garlic  1 onion To begin with, Ravneet Bhalla starts by chopping cabbage and then rubbing salt on the cruciferous vegetable. Leave it aside for an hour. After an hour, give it a gentle rubbing once again. Keep it aside for another hour.