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How to Find Best Makhana [ Roast Makhana in Air Fryer]


Basil Pesto With Walnuts

 Basil pesto with walnuts is a delicious sauce that you can pair with just about anything. The desi girl in me pairs it with pulao as well.  To make pesto recipe without cheese, you will need to soak walnuts for at least 30 minutes. Soaking makes it easier for your gut to absorb nutrients from food. Always buy kagazi akhrot that have a paper-like shell, which breaks easily. Dad gifted me walnuts in bulk when I visited him a few months ago. Let's blend it all together to make homemade pesto recipe indian without pine nuts. Add basil leaves (1/2 cup) to a blender/magic bullet jar. To the same jar, add a few sprigs of mint. I have found that a hint of mint takes the flavor of pesto sauce to another level. Yes, it could be my desi indian pesto recipe. But it is quite yum. Now add 2 cloves of garlic, juice of 1 lemon, black salt, black pepper powder, 1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil and blend. Italians use Olive oil in their pesto, like many of their recipes. The oil helps prevent pesto

oh yes. this Indian apple pie with oats is the best recipe. dont believe me? try it today

Apple pie with oats oh yes. this Indian apple pie with oats is the best recipe. dont believe me? try it today Apple pie has always fascinated me. But i have never tried it before. I did experiment with pumpkin pie last year but i never shared it here. Apple pie has always been on my mind. This time I wanted to experiment with my kinda pie. The result is awesome and we love it ( my hubby compared it with a it's not a cake.. it's a crispy flaky crust that uses oats and almonds with a flavorful apple filling) . The recipe is super simple and easy to follow and the result is amazing. It uses 1 tbsp of jaggery for apples and homemade apple sauce to sweeten the crust. I m loving it. I do not have a pie pan but it's possible to recreate a pie with a tailor-made utensil. (LOL) ingredients 1 cup= 240 ml 3/4 cup- oats flour 1/4 cup- almond flour/powder 1/4 tsp salt 1 tbsp- extra virgin olive oil 1.5 tbsp- milk 1.5 tbsp- apple sauce (homemade) For filling 1 big apple c

Delight the Kid in You With EASY, Healthy, Gluten-Free RAW Walnut Disc With Chocolate Ganache

easy healthy dessert recipes with few ingredients. Let's make a raw walnut disc with chocolate ganache made with pumpkin seeds butter.  Pulse walnuts coarsely and then add dates and pulse again. now add 1/4 cup almond flour and mix until the dough comes together as a ball. If the dough feels sticky, add more walnuts and pulse. Make into small discs and freeze. Ingredients for walnut discs (no bake) 1/4 cup walnuts 2 tbsp- dates 1/4 cup- almond flour (how to make almond flour at home ) Is almond flour and almond meal same: Chocolate Ganache without chocolate 2 tbsp- pumpkin seeds butter (homemade pumpkin butter recipe ) 2 tbsp- maple syrup/golden syrup/dates syrup (if you use honey, it won't be vegan - I have used homemade golden syrup with jaggery- recipe 1 tbsp- cacao powder/cocoa powder (cocoa versus