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Easy tomato jam recipe Indian With Jaggery, Lemon Rind, Without Pectin (Simple Ingredients at Home)

If you are looking to add a little nutritive value to chutneys and jams, then try out this easy tomato jam with jaggery recipe that has a hint of lemon and wholesome Indian spices that lend the tomato jam without sugar a taste like none other. The tamato jelly with lemon rind is flavorful and easy to make at home. What's more, the vibrant and colorful jam recipe Indian uses simple tomato jam ingredients available at home. What is tomato jam used for? Enjoy on breads or with chapatis, parathas, and rice! Add to cookies and cakes too. How do you make tomato jam? I have shared the easy recipe Indian to make टमाटर जैम at home. Is tomato jam just ketchup? Of course, not! One is savory and another one is sweet. What does tomato jam taste like? It's a sweet ketchup and jelly like consistency. What does tomato jam taste like? Call it a tomato chutney, jelly, or jam, the indian recipe will appeal to your taste buds and give you a little less guilty feeling since you are using hea

Live Consciously, Eat Deliciously

 Your health is in your hands. Make it or break it! Hello everyone,  This is Ravneet Bhalla - a knowledge management professional, who is more into research and writing by profession, and a health freak by choice. I love to eat and drink healthy, for I believe "a healthy me is a happy me." With that said, my focus is not only on eating clean but also on staying active & kicking.  But there are several hurdles to staying healthy these days. Agree?  While we all talk of the polluted environment, with toxins floating around everywhere, the food we eat is no less adulterated either. Sigh!! There is a serious lack of trust because we are living in a commercialized world. No matter what the brand, are you confident their product is 100% pure? When we say 100 percent pure, we mean it is  devoid of chemical preservatives, refined sugar, refined flours free from fillers, additives, artificial colors, chemical flavors True, we are living in an age where purity is a dream and the br

Is It Good To Eat Flaxseeds Everyday [How Much Flax Should I Eat Per Day]

What are the benefits of flax seeds? Is it good to eat flaxseed every day? How much flaxseed should I eat per day? Well, if these questions are troubling you, then we have the answers. Let's begin with the first question : Is it safe to eat flax seeds? Benefits Galore Flaxseeds are the latest craze in the world of health freaks aka #superfood lovers. If you, too, find yourself often hunting for all things superfood, then you have heard of flaxseeds or even use them in your #healthydietarylife. But what is it that makes flaxseeds, also known as linseeds, as a super se bhi upper wala food. Flax seeds, as their name suggests, are seeds. As you all know seeds are the latest craze in the health-conscious world. True, seeds comprise good fats, fiber, lignans, and proteins. They pack a powerful mineral punch too that a majority of us are deficient in. For example, magnesium, zinc, calcium. These are essential to our #health. But we find ourselves deficient in these essential minerals. Our