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Is Beetroot Powder Healthy? Degradation of Betalain Upon Heating

Okay, so we are already hugely impressed with the color of beetroot. We all love those hues, right? But is beetroot powder healthy? What is the safest way to make beetroot powder? Does heat exposure affect beetroot betalain quality? Let's check some of the beetroot powder benefits first: betalains vitamins nitrate polyphenols flavonoids What are Betalains?  Betalains are known to reduce nitrative and oxidative stress by preventing DNA damage. They are also known to reduce LDL. Betalains may play a role in exerting antitumor activity by preventing cell proliferation, inducing cell apoptosis and autophagy.  Nitrate is essential to lower lipid and glucose as well as blood pressure. Its role in treating hypertension is known to all.  Nitrate‐rich food can boost athletic performance while reducing muscle soreness. Research finds,  "Several lines of evidence have shown that betalains might reduce the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidne

pickled beets and onions apple cider vinegar

If you are like me, you love sirke wale pyaz or pickled onions with beetroot and vinegar. I have already shared a beet onion pickle recipe without vinegar because that one was lacto-fermented. However, now I have come up with an instant onion pickle recipe that gets ready the same day and onions remain crunchy even after a week in the refrigerator. The easy and simple pickled onions recipe uses small onions or shallouts. You may use big onions and cut them into small pieces. Rinse onions and scrape off their skin. However, do not throw away the skin as we can use them to make hair tonic. If you are using shallouts, make a criss cross sign. We want the onion to remain intact. Next keep some water for boiling. We want it to be bubbling hot. Take a streilized glass jar. Throw in chopped beetroot. Layer onions and beet. Pour hot water and leave some space for apple cider vinegar. The amount of vinegar should be 1/4 of that of water. That means if you are using 1 cup of water, you need 1/4

Is flaxseed safe for kidney patients?

 is flaxseed good for high creatinine?  is flaxseed good for liver and kidneys?  is flaxseed good for kidney transplant patients?  what seeds are good for kidney disease?  is flaxseed oil bad for kidneys ? how to use flaxseed for fatty liver?  is flaxseed high in phosphorus? So many questions revolving around flaxseed safety for kidney patients. Let's see what scientific research says about the effects of flaxseed consumption on kidneys. Flaxseed is Heart Healthy Flaxseed contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiapoptotic properties. Rich in omega 3, lignans, fiber, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, flaxseeds help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and improve cardio heath by lowering blood pressure and improving lipid circulation.  Research finds that flaxseeds exert antiplatelet and antiatherosclerotic actions and have a protective role against oxidative stress (which can result in tissue damage, chronic inflammation, and DNA alteration). Flaxseeds for kidneys? Let&#

99% Dont Know How to Eat Makhana

Soggy texture and bland flavor makes makhana an unpleasant food for many.  What is raw makhana? True, unroasted makhana is bland and boring and sticks to your gums too. but hey roasted makhana benefits and taste improve significantly. Do you know Roasted fox nuts have a higher nutrient content, higher protein, mineral, and fiber, higher phenolic and flavonoid content and high antioxidants compared to unroasted nuts?  What is the healthiest way to eat makhana? Research reveals that roasting also increases the protein and mineral content of the nuts, thus increasing its nutrient density. High protein and fiber content of fox nuts makes it a good source of protein for vegetarian. it surely is a healthy snack for food lovers, whether on a weight loss diet or not. so let's roast makhana today to improve its nutrient profile while also adding zing to the bland mithila makhana with achaarii flavor. How does roasted makhana with achari masala taste? Should you worry about calories or benef

Should You Eat Cucumber for Heartburn? Scientific Research Validates Cucumber Benefits for Acidity

 Does cucumber for heartburn help? What are the benefits of eating cucumber for acidity? Can cucumber for acid reflux help? what foods help acid reflux go away? cucumber broccoli cold milk A research study explored the role of cucumbers for heartburn. It found that cucumber, broccoli, and cold milk have high antacid activity, comparable with baking soda and ENO.  Some of the cucumber benefits include: Cucumber helps the body digest protein-rich nutrients easily. It cleanses intestines and is known to detox the system. Cucumber is known for its cooling properties. It has high water content and is low in calories.  Cucumber is known to possess antidiabetic, antioxidant, and lipid-lowering properties.  Cucumber has an intestine cleansing action and removes accumulated pockets of toxins.  It nourishes the skin and alleviates irritation and sunburn.  Its seeds are believed to help with constipation .  What is cucumber heartburn pregnancy connection Here's a research study on Jordania