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How To Make Jowar Roti Without Breaking With Rolling Pin at Home [Sorghum Flour Recipes\Benefits]

Is Jowar good for weight loss? Is Jowar better than wheat? Is Jowar good in summer? Is Jowar good for thyroid? Is Jowar better than Bajra? Can Jowar be eaten everyday? Well, these are some of the most common questions people ask about sorghum flour. Well, sorghum benefits health in more ways than one. First, if you are wondering how to make jowar roti without breaking with a rolling pin at home, let's dig into it and see how to do that easily. The method I follow for making soft, fluffy jowar rotis came up in my mind after my successful trial of ragi jowar chocos at home. I was making sorghum flour chapati earlier as well. Back then, I would struggle to gather the dough and it would often break. But this method has been a revelation of its own. I am happy to share it with you all. 

Jowar is heat or cold 

Jowar or sorghum has a cold potency so that means you can enjoy it during summers as a coolant. I won't mind enjoying jowar or sorghum flour recipes during winters too because I believe in a balanced diet - mixing and matching ingredients to make the most of everything.

jowar benefits for skin (sorghum sourdough starter can work wonders too)

If you are struggling with premature signs of aging, think of jowar as a key to a beautiful skin.Do not believe my words? Well, jowar benefits skin in numerous ways. It has anti-aging properties, anti-cancer and anti-melanoma properties as well. Its benefits for skin stem from its bioactive cosmeceutical ingredients with anti-wrinkle potential.
What's more, research finds that sorghum sourdough starter, which has wild yeast and lactobacillus, the probiotic bacteria, can work wonders on your skin. Probiotics comprise antioxidants, which can neutralize free radicals and improve skin barrier and health. What more do you want?

Not only this , starter's lactic acid could have skin brightening, moisturizing, and peeling effects.  That means it might work as an exfoliator too , accelerating cellular renewal.

One way to include jowar benefits is to start eating jowar roti. If you are wondering how to make jowar roti without breaking, then I do have the answer. We will learn how to make jowar roti with rolling pin at home. 
It's easy, friends!

Jowar benefits for weight loss

Perhaps sorghum flour is a weight loss pal too. Since sorghum is loaded with fiber, it helps you feel full for a long time. That means you are unlikely to feel hungry and reach out to calorie-carb loaded snacks, which could make you obese. So when you eat jowar, you may not easily experience hunger pangs.
What does that mean?
Do not wait. Reach out for sorghum flour today!

I am looking for jowar recipes. 

I am focusing on sorghum flour recipes now and trying to include jowar into my diet, from rotis to theplas, cookies, cakes, biscuits, crackers, breads, and even sorghum face mask. 

 jowar nutrition

jowar is a complex carbohydrate, which is nutrient-dense and packed with fiber, proteins, amino acids, and antioxidants.

 jowar vs bajra

Both are gluten-free flours. While jowar has coolant properties and is best used during hot weather, bajra is preferred during winters as it is heat-producing.

 bajra benefits

The gluten-free pearl millet is an overload of nutrition and packed with fiber and nutrients.


All About Jowar

Now that you are interested to learn how to make jowar roti without breaking with rolling pin at home, let's us first list some of the benefits of sorghum. 

Known as cholam in Tamil

Jonna in andhra (telugu)

How to make jowar roti with rolling pin

 how to make jowar flour at home

It helps to soak the grains overnight and then drain the water in the morning.
Next day, dry under the fan until completely dry before grinding jowar to powder.
Sift and grind the grits.
Your homemade jowar atta is ready for roti.

 What are jowar roti benefits?

1/4 cup +1 tbsp water
1/4 cup jowar atta (sorghum flour)

Let's see how easy it is to make jowar roti without breaking. 

Boil 1/4 cup of water. When water comes to a boil, stir in jowar atta. Keep the flame on until it looks mixed.

Knead into dough while being extra careful as it is v hot. Keep aside for 10-30 minutes. You may add little extra water if the dough looks dry. But an equal proportion of flour: water always works for me.

Make rotis with a rolling pin.

Jowar rotis will fluff up quickly and be very soft. 

Enjoy jowar roti with vegetables of choice. I enjoy it with my MIL' special tentuli achaar. 

 What to do if jowar roti keeps breaking ?

Well, if you knead the dough as mentioned above, jowar roti will not break.

what goes well with jowar ki roti

I love sorghum chapati with imli ka achaar and any curry or vegetable works for me.

Sorghum Benefits

Rich in phytochemicals - free radicals - melanoma cell effect reduction

phytochemicals - antioxidants - protect against free radical damage, slow down aging, reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and neurological diseases

Rich in fiber - fiber-rich foods reduce the risk of digestive ailments or digestive tract problems.

Rich in nutrients- It is slowly absorbed in the body, which makes jowar a diabetes-friendly ingredient.

The gluten-free grain and flour is an excellent digestive aid, thanks to its polyphenols, antioxidants, and fiber. Various nutrients, including vitamins and minerals , aid in digestion.

Gluten-free Jowar Flour Recipes

Gluten-free jowar biscuits with jaggery (no baking powder/soda)

Jowar flour cake with dates (no added sugar gluten-free cake)

Jowar bread recipe (sourdough bread India series)

Jowar cookies or sorghum flour recipe of chocos with ragi

Jowar cookies with jaggery recipe (healthy Indian biscuits gluten-free )


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