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Nutty Gluten-free Cookies With Chickpea Flour

Looking for a gluten-free cookie recipe ? I know there is so much buzz about gluten these days. In fact, it has become a big villain for most people. I call it a villain, since it causes gluten sensitivty in people with celiac disease. It can cause all sorts of problems, from stomach ailments to skin rashes and much more. If you too are gluten intolerant, you are perhaps looking for guilt-free, gluten-free treats to satiate your taste buds. I understand how challenging it can get to find perfect gluten-free recipes that cater to your family's taste. Anyway, I decided to go for gluten-free cookies for all my friends out there who have been looking for the recipe. gluten free cookies with chickpea flour: an airfryer recipe Is Chickpea Flour Gluten Free? Absolutely, yes! Packed with a good amount of iron and fiber, gluten free chickpea is a healthy addition to include in your meal plans. However, the high amount of iron may cause gastritis for those with digestion issue

Amaranth Cutlets: Healthy Snack for Preschoolers

You have heard about amaranth flour roti and paranthas that are typically made during fasts and Navratras.I remember having grown up relishing amaranth or ramdana ladoos during fasting days.  I hae tried out amaranth paranthas and ladoos. My cough ladoos with amaranth tasted yummy. Today, I bring to you amaranth cutlets that are yummy, healthy, and loaded with nutrients. This healthy snack for preschoolers is a must try for one and all. amaranth cutlets Ingredients for healthy cutlets with amaranth Recipe 1 cup= 175 ml 1 cup- amaranth flour (rajgira) 2 tbsp- oats powder or little more for binding the dough 1/2 cup- boiled potatoes hung curd-2 tbsp or 1 tbsp more while binding 1/2 tsp-oil 1 tsp- jeera (cumin seeds) 1/2 tsp- ajwain (carom seeds) Turmeric powder, salt,pinch  of sugar (optional) Other Amaranth Recipes amaranth cookies  amaranth digestives amaranth roti/parantha for navratra fast How to make amaranth cutlets