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This Baked Pani Puri Will Puff Everytime |Tips & Tricks for Making Airfried Golgappa Recipe at Home

If oil-free pani puri recipe interests you, then I suggest watching this video until the end to learn how a baked golgappa tastes. Once all the tips and tricks are clear to you, making gupchup at home will become a breeze.  Homemade baked pani puri/ gol gappe/ puchka  A few trials that were big flops and then one experiment changes the game. The puffed pani poori is chemical free and requires only a few ingredients. Hello friends, Who does not like gol gappe here? Perhaps there's hardly anyone other than me who is not fond of pani puri. But when your hubby loves puchka and you get a few requests to come up with a healthier gol gappa recipe, you know you have a task at hand. Finally, after a few Failures at getting it right, here's my successful version of baked gol gappa with semolina in airfryer. Happy with the result when you do everything from scratch. You may not go back to the vendor if you are craving for a healthy fuchka. Yes, you may enjoy the street food sometimes beca

Is salt good or bad for body?

Is salt really bad? Can salt kill you? Salt is a necessary evil. But if you go on a completely salt-free diet, it can kill you. How?  Well, your body needs salt to balance fluids in the blood. Additionally, salt is necessary to maintain a healthy blood pressure and sustain nerve and muscle function.  Now that does not mean digging too much into salt. Because too much of salt can also kill you, making you prone to heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease, fluid retention, muscle cramps, and whatnot.  So how much is too much when it comes to salt intake? Whtat is the recommended salt dosage? 5 grams of salt per day is more than enough. It equals less than 1 teaspoon. Salt-less diet A no-salt diet makes you prone to  Hyponatremia , which  is a condition that can lead to  a series of side effects, from vimiting to nausea,  muscle cramps, and dizziness . If that is not enough, a lack of salt can also cause coma and death. Sounds scary, right? Which is better black or pink Himalayan salt?