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Carrot Raddish Stir Fry (Gajjar Mooli Bhajja)

mooli gajjar bhajja After a successful experiment with mooli, I have come up with another raddish delight.The inspiration of this recipe comes from Chitra Balachander. Ingredients Mooli-1 Gajjar -2 Mooli leaves coconut- 2 tbsp or more roasted sesame seeds- 1 tbsp spring onion-1 mustard seeds,  chana dal, urad dal - 1/4 tsp each few curry leaves oil- 1 tbsp Ginger- small piece turmeric dry red chilly or green chilly Procedure mooli gajjar stir fry Grate, mooli, gajjar, ginger, and mooli leaves. Mix salt and haldi. Set aside. Take a nonstick pan. Heat oil. Splutter mustard seeds, chana dal, urad dal. Add curry leaves. Stir for a minute.  Add spring onion. Now add mooli-gajjar mixture. Stir well and cook & cover for 8-10 minutes. Add fresh coconut powder. Mix Next cook & cover again for 5-8 minutes. Check for salt and enjoy with rice or roti.

Multi-Grain Veg Kebab: A Diabetes-Friendly Recipe

veg kebab Health is wealth, they say. It is the only thing I am focusing on these days. I tried to make something different today, combining healthiest of ingredients. The result does not disappoint - whether you call it muthiya or veg kebab, it is up to you. diabetes friendly snack recipe healthy snack for diabetics what is diabetes Looking for a diabetes-friendly recipe? This is it! Wondering how to curb those hunger pangs as a diabetic? Then this diabetes-friendly snack recipe will come in handy. One thing is sure - you'll love the outcome Diabetes diet needs to be monitored closely. If you are watching your intake and want to keep blood sugar levels in control, make sure you munch healthy grains and nuts every 2 hours. Smaller meals at regular intervals is a way to keep your blood glucose levels under check.  This is one diabetes friendly recipe that you want to try for choti choti bhookh! Ingredients of diab

Ragi Coconut Cookies With Oatmeal

ragi oat coconut cookies My friends say I am on a roll with oats. Well, these days I prefer to include oatmeal to most of my recipes. After having tried coconut combination with wheat, cornmeal, kuttu, I have included it for ragi oats cookies. These crispy, crunchy, and flavorful ragi oats coconut cookies taste as good as the whole wheat coconut cookies. Let's get to the ragi cookie recipe immediately: Ragi Oatsmeal Coconut Cookie Ingredients 1/2 cup-ragi (finger millet) 1/2 cup- wheat flour 1 cup- oats 1 cup-coconut 1 tbsp- ghee/clarified butter 4 tbsp- oil 3-4 tbsp-cold milk 1 tsp- baking powder 2 tbsp- sugar powder (you may add more as per your taste) Procedure ragi coconut cookies Sieve ragi, wheat flour, and baking powder. Add oatmeal to this. Next mix sugar, ghee, and oil. Pour this wet mixture over the dry ingredients. Rub with hands. If the dough feels dry, add milk.  We need to gather the ingredient- do not knead. It should not

Mooli Bhajja My Style

mooli sabzi A few days back, I came across a recipe from South India, which was different from what we are used to relishing. I was yearning to try my hands at it, but we hardly get banana stem/flower here in north. So I had to keep waiting. Then today, I decided to experiment with mooli (raddish). The experiment is a hit with me and hubby. I must tell you my hubby does not eat mooli, nor does he like it. So I did not tell him before starting with this experiment. When I served him lunch today, he immediately loved the new dish. I was on cloud nine for sure! So let's get back to the recipe. Ingredients 1 mooli (grated) 1/4 cup- bengal gram dal 2 tbsp- oat meal (powder) 2 tbsp- fresh coconut powder ginger piece salt, jeera, mustard seeds 1 green chilly or more oil- 1/2 tsp 1 spring onion red chilly powder Procedure mooli bhajja Wash Bengal gram dal and put it into the grinder along with ginger, green chilly, and coconut. Churn it until the dal is grou

Oatmeal Idli With Ragi (Finger Millet)

ragi oat idli Looking for oatmeal recipes? Wondering how to cook oatmeal for breakfast? Yes, you have come at the right place. Here, you will find a variety of recipes with oatmeal. This oatmeal idli recipe is just one example of my experiments with this fiber-rich grain. Ever since I started experimenting with oats, I have fallen in love with this fibrous grain. I love it for its sheer qualities that provide a health boost in more ways than one. Tried combining oats and ragi to make savory steamed cakes. The combination doesn't disappoint. Oatmeal benefits health in numerous ways: Here's the healthy oatmeal recipe of idlis: Ingredients 1 cup- oat meal (ground oat powder) 1 cup- suji (semolina) 1/2 cup- ragi (finger millet) 1 cup- curd Water to make idli batter - not too thick, nor too runny Grated veggies of your choice - I included carrot, peas, ginger, and capsicum Salt Baking soda- 2 fat pinches Procedure Take oat powder, suji, and ra

Healthy Crackers Recipe: Oatmeal Savory Sticks With Red Lentils

oatmeal healthy recipe with red lentils Besan crackers doesn't sound too strange, but oatmeal crackers with red lentils may give you some weird feelings, isn't it? Well, there isn't anything like weird in this healthy cookie recipe, because if you love baked goodies but are a health freak, you ought to look for healthy ingredients. This recipe is just perfect for your weight loss goals. How? Well, it is a unique blend of fiber-rich oatmeal that creates a feeling of fullness and satiates your hunger cravings. This means you do not end up eating more. Yay! Secondly, it uses red lentils or masur dal, which adds a distinct flavor to the healthy cracker recipe, eliminating the boring factor. Wow! What a combination - I must say! If you are wondering h ow to make oatmeal delicious , you have got to try this delicious snack once! Let's come back to the oatmeal crackers recipe. Why Dal? It's time again to try a new snack. For people fighting aller

What is Diabetes; Common Diabetes Myths

Carrot Beetroot Chutney, Soup: Instant Recipe for Beginners

I rarely bring beetroot home, as it tends to raise histamine in people with allergies. However, I was tempted to bring it this time for mom dear, as beetroot is packed with antioxidants and can help improve hemoglobin. This post gets inspiration from Deepti Aggarwal's carrot beetroot chutney . I have modified the beet chutney recipe to present to you a simple, instant recipe for beginners. This is a must try for beet lovers!  Beetroot benefits health in more ways than one and is fast becoming a superfood that can help improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. beetroot chutney with carrot: simple, instant recipe for beginners Wondering about this simple recipe to make beet chutney? Worry not! We have listed a few beetroot benefits for you, and then the carrot beet chutney recipe is next. A boost to your cardio health Have you heard about beet's cardiovascular benefits? Well, some studies claim that eating beetroot can help reduce the risk of heart disease, ob

Oats Recipes From Healthy Recipes by Homemakers

oats sprouts tikki by Ritu Mendiratta oats soup by Ritu Mendiratta oats dhokla by Ritu Taneja Mehta (