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Easy Chocolate Digestives in Airfryer [Cookies Without Parchment Paper by Ravneet Bhalla]

 A healthy oatmeal cookies with chocolate flavor is my tea-time buddy. Here's one simple digestives recipe with jaggery in airfryer for Indian biscuit lovers. If you are passionate for cookies like me, then explore this website and Ravneet Bhalla channel for more healthy biscuit recipes with jaggery that are a treat for the eyes and palate. Crunchy, crispy, light in weight digestives are a tea time treat. of course, you can dunk them in your cup of warm milk too. If you love oats digestives but haven't got a hang of making your own batch of healthy cookies at home, then this easy chocolate biscuits recipe is for you. Let's see how you can bake healthy whole wheat oats chocolate digestives with jaggery that are crispy, light in weight and your tea-time partner. I have been baking a lot of cookies without baking powder and soda. But I have been craving for digestive biscuits for some time, so decided to make a batch with oats and whole wheat along with a hint of chocolate.  F

Try Tomato Masala Millet Lunch Recipes Indian for A Healthy Meal for Weight Loss

I eat millets as part of a healthy meal but I do not aim for weight loss because I weigh 50 kilograms. But if you are trying to include millets in your diet for kids or elders, then you are looking for Indian millet lunch recipes that are unique, tempting, and satiating. Here's one tomato millet rice recipe for a healthy meal idea. Not only this, masala millet recipe for weight loss will become a regular in your culinary tradition.  Masala Millet Magic  If you are on a Gluten-Free diet, then this yummylicious masala Millet recipe is for you. If you are looking for a lunch box idea for kids, then do include this tomato millet recipe in your meal plans.  If you are trying to lose weight, go for this healthylicious meal idea.  I love everything about this heavenly bowl. Call it tomato millet or masala magic, this promises to be a regular in your kitchen. Packed with proteins and fiber, millets are slowly absorbed in the body, which keeps your blood sugar levels under control. So when