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Baked Besan Burfi Recipe Aneko Mein EK (Indian Airfryer Recipes)

Punjabis love besan recipes and this Punjaban is no different. This besan recipe of burfi-cum-cake-cum-halwa is an innovation that just happened out of my love for Mysore Pak. No, I have never tasted the authentic version, but surely given it a try at home. The one I tried was too yummy to resist. Absolutely lip-smacking. But this besan burfi recipe is a little different. When I posted this recipe on my healthy recipes channel, I was unsure how it will be welcomed by my friends and followers. But it has been a sweet surprise for me as the recipe received a great response. In fact, many of you have already tried out the recipe and validated it, sharing your amazing feedback with me. No, this besan halwa burfi is not for diabetics nor is it for someone counting calories. Of course, it is not for the calorie-conscious, weight watchers, and dieters either.  But if you have a sweet tooth and want to add a little more nutrition to your diet, replace refined sugar with jaggery, which is more

Loss of Smell, Taste in Covid-19: A Common Coronavirus Symptom; Prevention Tips

 Why do people experience loss of smell and taste in coronavirus?  It has been commonly found that some infected persons with novel coronavirus experience a temporary loss of smell. Also known as anosmia , loss of smell is a neurological symptom and an early indicator of COVID-19.  Harvard Medical School researchers believe that the olfactory cell types in the upper nasal cavity are highly vulnerable to infection by the coronavirus (also known as SARS-CoV-2).  Surprisingly and luckily, sensory neurons that are responsible for the transmission of the sense of smell to the brain are not affected. Researchers noted that the sense of smell in Covid-19 patients was different from other respiratory viruses. Coronavirus causes an over-reaction of the immune system by affecting the nervous system. The loss of smell loss is not typical of coronavirus alone. It happens in sinus infection, common cold, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. It is still a mystery as there is no conclusive evidence

Healthy Oats Raisin Cookies without Egg, Butter, Baking Powder, Soda (indian airfryer recipe)

Oats raisin cookies, the healthiest on the planet, are here. What makes this simple oats cookie recipe healthy is the type of ingredients used that pack a nutritional punch and give you more than one reason to try out this healthy cookie recipe with jaggery.  The no baking powder soda nutty crispy cookie recipe will become a keeper in your baking world. Sweetened with jaggery, the simple yet flavorful biscuits are another name for nutritious goodies that not only add deliciousness to your tea time but also bring you good health. Why Make the "Oh so so yumm" cookies with oats   It's time to recheck what goes in friends It's time to rebuild your immunity by making healthy food choices that add strength to your body as well as nutrients Bid good bye to the market junk. It's doing your body no good but adding only empty calories Shuffle your pantry a bit..reject unhealthy ingredients and pack your food with natural flavors and nutrient-dense food. For example, this oa