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Are chia seed good for PCOS? How to balance hormones?

 Are (Is) chia seeds good for hormonal imbalance?  Chia seeds are packed with nutrition, from fiber to omega 3, calcium, iron, inc, and magnesium. these black pearls are a nutrient powerhouse that can help a woman with PCOS and hormonal imbalance. Lab studies find that rats fed on chia seeds show an improvement in PCOS symptoms and had significantly lower ovarian weight and total body weight. The study also finds healthy levels of hormone concentrations in such women. Research credits this to the presence of polyphenolic compounds in these tiny seeds that induce ovulation in PCOS women.  क्या चिया सीड पीसीओएस के लिए अच्छा है?  Chia seeds are said to have antioxidant, antimicrobial, pro-neurological, and anti-cancer properties. They contain polyphenolic compounds that help treat metabolic and reproductive dysfunction. Harvard University states "2 tablespoons of chia seeds make 28 grams. They have 140 calories. Chai seeds have 4 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber. Since they ar

Dadi Special saunf Mukhwas Recipe (Fennel Seeds premix is a mouth freshener)

My dadi Nani recipe series continues Saunf mukhwas is from my dadi's recipe book and I got the recipe from dad. He knows a lot of his mom's secret recipes because he has enjoyed them fully. Back in those days, they did not have any toffees or chocolates to relish. So dadi would make a digestive powder using flavorful fennel or saunf and blend it with khus khus ( poppy seeds), pepper, badam ( almonds) to make a lip-smacking product sweetened with dhage wali mishri ( crystallized sugar with thread). She would emphasize the cooling properties of these sugar crystals. You may enjoy it as a summer coolant drink or chew 1 tsp of this heavenly powder post-meal to aid in digestion. Don't overdo. Brush your teeth too. Enter 2023, we (I) no longer buy refined sugar , which is only empty calories but for this summer special cooling powder, dad gives me a few blocks of crystallized sugar so I can enjoy the benefits of dadi di recipe. Dadi's SECRET Instant Saunf Sharbat Premix Rec

Now Dhaba Masala Is No Secret (The Ultimate Flavor Bomb Spice Mix Powder Recipe is Here 👉)

 Dhaba paneer masala powder can add more aroma and flavor to your paneer curries. let's see how dhaba walas make this aromatic  spice mix. Ravneet Bhalla has been trying out different spice combinations to come up with her favorite aromatic powder. Finally, here it is! You will need 3 tbsp coriander seeds or dhaniya, 1 tbsp fennel seeds or saunf, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp black pepper corns or 5-6 in number,4 cloves, 3 green cardamom, 1 inch dalchini, 1/2 tsp- methi dana or fenugreek seeds, 1red chili. dry roast all the spices for 2 minutes. I airfried the masala at 200 deg c for 3 minutes. Grind to powder along with 1 tsp kasuri methi or dried fenugreek leaves. I chose to pulse the spices to powder in my mortar and pestle as it was a little amount and I wanted to retain the freshness of the spice powder. my MIL taught me how to work without a machine. thanks to her. so how did you find the masala paneer powder recipe? easy na? to ek like to banta hai. don't forget to comment

Is It the Best Chocolatey Dairy-Free Kulfi (Sugar-Free VEGAN Ice Cream Without Banana) #veganicecream

 Kulfi to bahut pasand hai mujhe lekin uske ingredients kabhi kabhi darate hai.. but if i say we can make a creamy delicious kulfi without dairy cream and sugar, would you believe? for example, this chocolaty vegan ice cream uses homemade 1-ingredient coconut cream as fat and dates as a sweetener. It's a simple and easy kulfi recipe that requires you to blend together frozen coconut cream. if you want the recipe of making cream of coconut at home, check here .  ingredients 1/4 cup- coconut cream from one coconut (frozen) 1/2 cup-coconut milk from the same coconut 8-10 dates or more or less- depending on your sweet preference (soaked) 1 tbsp- cacao/cocoa powder nuts of choice Blend coconut cream with soaked dates and cocoa or cacao powder. what's the difference between cocoa and cacao powder?  next add coconut milk and we are all set to freeze our dairy-free chocolate kulfi base. freeze it for 2 hours and then blend it again.  now add a spoon of kulfi in kulfi molds along with