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Is It Ok to Eat Bitter Bottle Gourd?

 When extremely bitter,  bottle gourd should not be consumed. It can cause sudden onset of diarrhea, stomach cramps, gastro bleeding, vomiting, and hypotension. Bottle gourd contains a toxic element and can cause toxicity if it is bitter. Do a taste test before using lauki in any recipe. Research cautions against the use of bitter bottle gourd. These plants contain high levels of cucurbitacins, which make them a potential toxic vegetable. cases of cucurbitacin toxicity are on the rise and people are unaware of bitter gourd poisoning. This post has answered the following queries: Why is my bottle gourd bitter? मेरी लौकी कड़वी क्यों होती है? Is it OK to eat bitter bottle gourd? How to remove bitterness from lauki? how to identify bitter bottle gourd is cooked bottle gourd poisonous what happens if we eat bitter bottle gourd cooked bitter bottle gourd is bitter gourd poisonous? NO can we eat bottle gourd and bitter gourd together bitter bottle gourd in hindi

Chalo Banaye Punjabi Rajma Masala Recipe With Pahadi Rajma

  Punjabi rajma recipe appeals to one and all. in fact, rajma is a favorite with Indians in Uttarakhand and Kashmir too. It's easy to make too. On my recent trip to Uttarakhand, I got my hands on Pahadi rajma that are known to be tastier than other varieties we get. There are actually a number of rajma types available. chalo ji, ab banayenge easy punjabi rajma. to begin with, sabse pehla kaam - soaking rajma. soak in 3 cups of water. soaking is important to reduce cooking time and eliminate phytate coating from legumes, which makes digestion difficult. these anti-nutrients must be eliminated first. soaking helps with that. don't throw this water, rather, use it for watering your green babies. the next step is to boil rajma after they have soaked well overnight. rinse and boil with cloves, cinnamon, hing, and a little amount of salt. i always boil for 6-8 whistles first. while rajma is boiling, let's prepare the masala paste. blend together 1 onion, garlic and ginger along w

5 Types of Saag/ Greens You Can Easily Grow in Pot in Terrace/Balcony Garden

 5 Types of Saag/ Greens You Can Easily Grow in Pot in Terrace/Balcony Garden 1. Amaranth/chulai/rajgira - easiest to grow just about anywhere 2. Poi /malabar spinach - Grows easily  3. Spinach/palak - Grows even from palak scrap 4. Methi/fenugreek- Grows easily in winter 5. Mustard/sarson - Grows in winter How can I grow spinach at home? How do you grow leafy greens at home? What is the easiest vegetable to grow at home? Which plant can I grow at home? What's the quickest vegetable to grow? Is spinach easy to grow? What is the cheapest vegetable to grow? What vegetables are easy for kids to grow? Which vegetable can grow without soil? Which vegetable is easy to grow in pots?

WARNING! Your Pressure Cooker May Blast

 A clogged whistle channel/valve is one of the major culprits in cooker accidents. If the whistle is clogged, you are in for a huge risk. The pressure cooker could even blast as the air cannot escape out. Here's one pressure cooker safety tip that you must adhere to in order to keep yourself safe while pressure cooking. how to prevent cooker from spillover?