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Who Should Not Eat Tomato/orange?

Are tomatoes high in acid? Can tomato reduce acidity? Are tomatoes acidic, yes or no? Is tomatoes a strong or weak acid? Tomato typically falls between 3.5 and 4.7 , which places it firmly in the acidic range. This acidity comes from various organic acids in tomatoes, including: Citric acid  is the most prominent acid in tomatoes,   contributing to their characteristic tangy flavor. Malic acid:   This acid adds to the overall tartness and contributes to the sweetness of ripe tomatoes. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C):   While vitamin C is not genuinely acidic,   it can contribute to the perception of sourness. Tomatoes, renowned for their flavor diversity, owe their characteristic acidity to a spectrum of organic acids.  According to research on flavor profiles in fruits, the primary contributor, citric acid, elucidates the tangy notes in tomatoes (Smith et al., 2020). Simultaneously, malic acid, pivotal in enhancing tartness and sweetness in ripe tomatoes, has been extensively studied