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Suji (Semolina) Kachori in Appe Pan

suji kachori When you are a health freak, you tend to experiment more. This is exactly what I am doing these days. In my endevor to create health food, I tried making suji (semolina) kachori, that too, in appe pan.  The kachoris really turned out awesome. semolina kachori Recipe : 1 cup suji 2 cups water 1/4 tsp cumin seeds (jeera) 1/4 tsp carom seeds (ajwain) 1/2 tsp oil +1/4 tsp for greasing (more or less depending on your preference) Salt Take oil in a pan. Heat on medium flame. Add jeera. Let it splutter. Add carom seeds. Stir. Add salt and water. Mix well Add suji. Keep stirring on low flame until it forms a lump. suji kachori in appe pan Filling ingredients 2 Boiled potatoes 1/8 cup Boiled peas (more or less) salt green chilly ginger paste coriander powder jeera powder Any other vegetable you may wish to add Mix everything well. You may want to fry potatoes. suji kachori in paniyaram pa

Crunchy Munchy Cornflakes Atta Cookies

crunchy munchy cornflakes cookies Cookies, cookies everywhere, but not an unhealthy ingredient here! Yes, I am again talking of healthy cookies. Somebody asked can cookies be healthy? I said no. But if you love cookies and cannot avoid these bakes, it is a good idea to switch to healthy ingredients to bake a set of healthy cookies. I am sure the batch with no maida (white flour) would be healthier and tastier than its refined flour version. If you love crunchy bites, try this cookie recipe. If you love to indulge in guilt-free eating during tea time, try this batch. If you think whole wheat cookies cannot taste as good as maida ones, you ought to give this healthy cookie recipe a try. If you love cornflakes, you are in for some fun munching on this crunchy batch. The secret to the crunchy munchy cookies lies in keeping cornflakes unpowdered. You'll be greatly surprised to find that you can create a baking marvel or a best tea-time accompaniment with this recipe.